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5853 Robert Oliver Place 
(Located in Oakland Mills Village Center in The Barn)
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am-2pm

Upcoming events:

The Lazy Gardener’s Fall Plant Exchange on September 23 
Time Bank Tool Swap on Saturday, October 7 
Time Bank Skill Share Fair and Repair Cafe on Saturday, October 21

Howard County’s Time Banking program, the Columbia Community Exchange (CCE), is a community-based Time Banking program offered by the Columbia Association to provide an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors through the mutual exchange of everyday services. Membership is free and the concept is simple: spend an hour doing something for a fellow member and earn a Time Dollar. Then you have a Time Dollar to buy an hour of another member’s time or service.

Everyone has skills that others may value. As a bartering network using the currency of time, Time Dollars value everyone’s contribution equally, allowing each person to be actively engaged in his or her community. Time dollars are a type of community currency that anyone can earn by using their time, energy, skills, and talents to help others. Members trade all types of every day services, including gardening, minor home repair, transportation, computer maintenance, tutoring, etc. Services may vary widely depending on the skills, talents, and abilities of the current members. Time Banking welcomes all to participate, including youth and the elderly.

Membership is free. All members provide references, detail skills and offers, and attend an orientation. Members communicate with fellow members via our Time Bank website, email or telephone. We encourage people to attend our social gatherings since people tend to exchange services with those whom they know and trust. Friendships blossom as members forge personal connections and create “circles of giving.” Time Bank staff facilitates exchanges and strives to match member’s services and needs. Please note that the Community Exchange is not a service agency and cannot mandate members to provide services.

Join our network and strengthen our community. All new members must attend an orientation. Regular orientation sessions are held the third Monday of every month and by appointment. Arrangements for orientation/training can be made by contacting the Time Banking office at 410-884-6121or

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Columbia Community Exchange is a member of TimeBanks USA. Learn more about time banks and time banking at