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Columbia Association Summer Swim Team Information

The Columbia Neighborhood Swim League is a summer recreational swim league for youth 18 years old or younger with 14 teams located throughout the Columbia, Ellicott City and Clarksville area.

The 2017 CNSL Season has concluded. Please check back soon for information on the 2018 season.  Click on the links below for more information about the league.

Swimmers 10 & under must be able to complete one length of the pool  and swimmers 11 to 18 must be able to complete two lengths of the pool on their front or back in a strong fashion without assistance.  All swimmers have until the end of Time Trials scheduled for June 10 to complete this requirement.

Practices begin May 30, 2017. Swimmers are welcome to attend some or all of the scheduled practices. Five evening practices are scheduled each week during preseason. After the last day of Howard County Public School, there are four mornings and three evening practices scheduled each week during the regular season. There are no practice attendance requirements.

Preseason Practice Schedule:

Regular Season Schedule

There are seven meets during the season, Time Trials, five Dual Meets and the All City Championship Meet. Meet participation is not required however swimmers must participate in 3 meets (Time Trials and two Dual Meets or three Dual Meets) to receive a Team Trophy or to participate in the All City Championship Meet. For the All City Championship Meet, swimmers must have a legal time in the events for which they are entered in the meet.

Meet Schedule

Swimmers and their families are welcome to attend various team activities such as Friday evening Pep Rallies, Charity Events and Awards Events. Contact your team for more details.

Swimmers are assigned to a team based on residence. Swimmers who live on CA assessed property must swim for their neighborhood team. Swimmers who do not live on CA assessed property must swim for the team to which their elementary school is assigned.

For more specific team information click on the team name below. Each team’s website can also be accessed at the link below. Teams maintain their own website that is not under the control of Columbia Association. We are not an agent for this site nor do we guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in the linked sites.

For more information, email cnsl@columbiaassociation.org

It takes a tremendous number of volunteers to operate a successful swim team and have a positive experience for the swimmers and their families. Volunteers are needed for serving in administrative roles, event coordinating, and running swim meets. Volunteering is a great way to get to know other swim team families and to create a fun, supportive and lasting experience for each swimmer.

Most volunteer positions do not require any experience. Any training needed is provided by the league. Team Managers coordinate the volunteer signup process for their team. See a list of volunteer opportunities and descriptions at the link below.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Training for the volunteer positions listed below is provided by the league on the dates and times listed.


Training is mandatory regardless of prior experience or USA Swimming Certification.  Volunteers only need to attend one of the training sessions for each position of interest. Advanced registration is required.  Sign up here for one of the positions listed below. 

Stroke & Turn               May 18, 2017     7pm     River Hill Meeting Room (MAP)

Starter & Referee         May 23, 2017     7pm     River Hill Meeting Room (MAP)

Stroke & Turn               May 29, 2017     7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Stroke & Turn               May 31, 2017     7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Starter & Referee         June 8, 2017      7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)


Training is highly recommended for anyone new to the position.  Volunteers only need to attend one training session.  Advanced registration is not required.

Scorer                             June 5, 2017     7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Scorer                             June 14, 2017     7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Hy-Tek Team Database

Training is highly recommended for anyone new to the position.  Volunteers only need to attend one training session.  Advanced registration is not required.

Hy-Tek                            May 30, 2017       7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Hy-Tek                            June 1, 2017       7pm     Aquatics Office (MAP)

Columbia Neighborhood Swim League 2017 All City Championship Information





  • Due no later than 5pm Saturday, July 22, 2017

  • Submit one per swimmer



  • Teams provide volunteers for all meet sessions based on size of Team Roster

  • Sign up will open by July 17, 2017.



  • Available for review by Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The CNSL Rules & Regulations at the link below are specifically designed for closed meets in the Columbia Neighborhood Swim League and shall govern the conduct of all swim meets scheduled, sponsored, or sanctioned by the League.

USA Swimming rules which pertain to swimmer safety, strokes, disqualification, duties of officials, judging, timing turns, starts, finishes, and similar technical matters shall be observed at all League meets unless modified by these rules.

A copy of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations can be found at usaswimming.org.

Click here to view the CNSL Rules and Regulations

Registration begins April 15, 2017. All swimmers are welcome to check out the program at their pool prior to registration during the First Splash week; May 30 through June 2. All swimmers must be registered as of Monday, June 5 to practice with the team. Registration is available online, by phone or in person at the Aquatics Office. All swimmers and their families are bound by the CNSL Code of Conduct upon Registration.
Click here for member login to register online

  1. Click on Program Registration
  2. Change Site to Outdoor Pools
  3. Select Aquatics
  4. Go To CNSL Summer Swim Teams
  5. Select Appropriate Team


Per swimmer by May 31 ($15 early registration discount)

CA members$139
Columbia Cardholders$216


Per swimmer after May 31

CA members$154
Columbia Cardholders$231


*Discounts are available for CA staff, Clippers swimmers and income-qualified members.

  • Requests made by 5pm prior to the first Dual Meet receive a full refund, less a $25 Administrative Fee.
  • Requests received after the first Dual Meet receive a prorated refund based on weeks of participation less the $25 Administration Fee.
  • All swimmers requesting a refund are charged a $25 Administrative Fee, including swimmers who are unable to participate due to not meeting the Safety Participation Requirement.

Call the Aquatics Office at 410-312-6332 for registration assistance.