It takes a lot of dedicated people to run Columbia and there are a lot of opportunities for community members to get involved. Whether you have to offer a few hours a week or a few days a month, many options are available if you want to get more involved in local leadership.

There’s the Columbia Association (CA) Board of Directors (which handles the business affairs of CA) and the village community association boards (which manage the business affairs of the nine Columbia villages and Town Center). But that’s not all. There are also committees and work teams that could use the help of dedicated and enthusiastic Columbia residents. Check out some of the opportunities below!


CA Board of Directors: The board serves as the final authority on all matters regarding the Columbia Association by reviewing CA policy and budget matters, developing strategic initiatives, addressing community issues and hiring the CA President. The board is made up of one representative from each of the nine Columbia villages and Town Center.

It is important for the CA Board of Directors to be familiar with each division at the Columbia Association and what their responsibilities and goals are. This document explains the CA divisions and service bureaus and the organizational structure in 2012.

Village Community Association Boards: These boards direct the business affairs of the village community association, reviews policy and budget matters, develops initiatives, addresses community issues and hires the village manager.

Get Involved: If you’re interested in running for a seat on the CA Board or a village community association board, elections are held in the Columbia villages each April. Contact your local village community center for more information.


CA Board Standing Committees: These committees handle the detailed governing work of the CA Board.

  • Board Operations Committee

  • External Relations Committee

  • Strategic Implementation Committee

  • Planning and Strategy Committee

Get Involved: Board members serve on these committees. If you’re interested in serving on one of these committees, consider running for a position on the CA Board of Directors. Elections are held every April.

CA Advisory Committees: The committees are made up of Columbia residents who work to assist the CA in serving the community. Some members are appointed; others people apply to join. The following is a list of some of the CA advisory committees:

• Architectural Resource Committee

• Columbia Art Center Advisory Committee

• Columbia Aquatics Advisory Committee

• Golf Advisory Committee

• Green Advocacy Committee

• Health and Fitness Advisory Committee

• International and Multicultural Advisory Committee

• IT Advisory Committee

• Middle School Advisory Committee (made up of residents ages 11-13)

• Senior Advisory Committee

• Teen Advisory Committee (made up of residents ages 13-19)

• Tennis Committee

• Watershed Resident Advisory Committee

• Wildlife and Habitat Advisory Committee

Get Involved: Contact your CA Board representative if you’re interested in serving on an advisory committee or would like information on the associated subcommittees.

Village Residential Architectural Committees: The committees in each Columbia village manages the architectural covenants for that village. The covenants set exterior alterations standards for the homes in each village, which protect the aesthetic environment of our neighborhoods.

Get Involved: Call your village community association if you’re interested in joining your local Residential Architectural Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are several volunteer opportunities available to residents in each of the Columbia villages. Below is a listing of the current opportunities.


Harper’s Choice Election Committee: The committee helps to ensure fair elections in the village of Harper’s Choice during the village elections in April.

Get Involved: Contact the Harper’s Choice village community center at 410-730-0770 for more information.

Hickory Ridge Village Center Community Plan Committee: Hickory Ridge residents are working to plan for the future of the Hickory Ridge community. All are welcome to provide input.

Get Involved: Contact Village Manager Jessamine Duvall at for additional information.

The Kings Contrivance Environmental Committee: A group of volunteers dedicated to keeping the open space, roads, and neighborhoods of Kings Contrivance litter free.

Get Involved: Call the Village Manager Beverley Meyers at 410-381-9600 for additional information.

Long Reach Village Center Master Plan: Long Reach residents are working to plan for the future of the Long Reach community. All are welcome to provide input.

Get Involved: Call 410-730-5882 for more information.

Oakland Mills Music and Arts Committee: Oakland Mills residents work together to bring more ideas, talents and types of music and art to come to the Oakland Mills community.

Get Involved: Contact Fred Elland, community organizer, to get involved.

Owen Brown Street Captain Program: Residents of the Owen Brown village volunteer to help build communication and connection among other residents.

Get Involved: Contact the Owen Brown Community Center at 410-381-0202 to get more information.

River Hill Village Center Community Plan Committee: River Hill residents are working to plan for the future of the River Hill community. All are welcome to provide input.

Get Involved: Contact River Hill Village Manager Susan Smith at for more information.

Wilde Lake Neighborhood Liaisons: Neighborhood liaisons form a connection between the Wilde Lake community association and the residents who live in Wilde Lake and help disseminate important information to neighbors.

Get Involved: Call 410-730-3987 for more information.


Volunteer Center Serving Howard County: The Volunteer Center Serving Howard County is a service of the Columbia Association and the mission of the center is to stimulate and expand volunteerism in the community by connecting people to non-profit and public agencies in need of volunteers.

Get Involved: Find an opportunity to volunteer by visiting

Board Connect: Board Connect is a program that connects community members who want to serve on local boards, committees or commissions with non-profits and governmental agencies seeking board, committee or commission members.

Get Involved: Learn more by visiting