1. People owning, or living and/or working on property that pays the Annual Charge may speak out for up to three minutes on any subject at Board Meetings.
  2. Non-resident members of the Sport and Fitness Facilities as well as all non-resident participants of all CA programs and services may speak out at Board Meetings for up to three minutes on agenda items that relate to their participation.
  3. Any other individuals who wish to speak out must get approval to speak from the Board Chair or Committee Chair prior to the Board or Committee meeting.
  4. Speak out at committee meetings will be limited to two minutes and limited to topics that are within the purview of that committee.  Residents will be allowed to participate in the discussion when recognized by the Committee Chair.
  5. Written testimony from persons not attending the Board meeting will be reviewed by the Board Chair who will summarize the testimony during Resident Speak out.  The written testimony will be attached to the minutes.

Approved December 28, 2006