Lakefront Summer Festival is BACK!

Everyone is welcome to come out to the Downtown Columbia Lakefront for FREE movies and concerts all summer long.

Concert Details: Thursday and Saturday concerts start at approximately 7:30pm. Sunday concerts begin around 6:30pm. (See below for concert schedule)

Movie Details: All films begin at dusk (around 8:30pm in early summer and 8-8:15pm in late summer). All films are closed captioned. (See below for movie schedule)

Please be respectful of your neighbors and maintain distance when possible. Masks are welcome, but not required.


All cancelations will be posted on Columbia Association’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please check those social media pages for the latest updates!


We are pleased to welcome back Tom “Mr. B” Brzezinski, your Lakefront Summer Festival host for the past 50 years! CA would also like to thank the Columbia Film Society for sponsoring this year’s movie events.

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June 20: The Rockits Band

June 26: Spellbound

June 27: Rock-A-Sonics

July 1: 49 Cent Dress

July 3: No Scheduled Concert

July 4: No Scheduled Concert

July 8: Damon Foreman

July 10: Bluetrain

July 15: Gaelic Mishap

July 17: Kaleidoscope

July 18: Misspent Youth

July 24: Red Sky Dawn

July 25: Diamond Alley

July 29: I&I Riddim

July 31: Sagamore Band

Aug 8: Soul Crackers

Aug 12: Dave Chappell

Aug 14: Nighthawks

Sept 5: Jill Fulton

*Instructor is listed above each date

Colleen Bank
Tavia Patusky
Kristy Conway
Tavia Patusky
Roxana Berkheimer
Roxana Berkheimer
Kristy Conway
Tavia Patusky
Roxana Berkheimer
Colleen Bank
Colleen Bank