The Income-Qualified Program is for families in need of financial assistance for CA Camps. This program is only available to people who live on or work full-time on property subject to the CA assessment and whose household income is within the guidelines developed by HUD. CA Camps does not accept DSS vouchers. Please allow 3-5 business days for approval. Call 410-715-3165 for more information.

Income Guidelines for Reduced Rate


For 50% discounts on camps, Before and After School Care, and some Sister Cities programs

GROSS INCOME: For 75% discount — ONLY on CA Camps
2 $60,400.00 $30,200
3 $67,950 $33,975
4 $75,500 $37,750
5 $81,550.00 $40,775.00
6 $87,600 $43,800
7 $93,650.00 $46,825
8 $99,700 $49,850

*Guidelines subject to change.

For more information on the Income Qualified Program and to download the Income Qualified Application Form – CLICK HERE.