A Resolution From CA’s Board on Outdoor Pools

March 2, 2021

The Board of Directors passed the following resolution on February 25 in addition to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget. This resolution reflects the Board’s stance when it comes to opportunities to open more pools this summer.


Resolution on the FY 2022 Budget and Outdoor Pools

The CA Board recognizes that outdoor pools are an important amenity for Columbia while at the same time recognizing that the current pandemic continues to seriously impact CA’s ability to provide services. In addition to the financial situation, state and county regulations continue to impact how the pools will operate and the number of people allowed in the pool area at any given time, and CA is facing a potential shortage of lifeguards for the outdoor pools. 


Recognizing the importance of community pools, CA staff has proposed a plan which will allow CA to open 15 outdoor pools 7 days a week for the summer. This will allow the Columbia Neighborhood Swim League (14 teams) to operate this summer, and will include recreational as well as programmed swimming. The two indoor pools at the Swim Center, and the indoor pools at the three CA fitness centers also will remain open during the summer. CA will offer free pool admission the second Sunday of the month as well as continue the 50% subsidy to income qualified individuals and families.


This does not mean that CA intends to permanently close the other 8 pools.


The CA Board and Staff will continue to monitor the outdoor pools situation. The CA Board authorizes, for FY 2022, CA Staff to open additional outdoor pools if staff  provides information to the CA Board that there are significant positive developments in our finances, in the COVID situation, in state & county regulations, and an increase in lifeguards.


To contact the Board of Directors, fill out this form or participate in Resident Speakout.

To learn more about the 2021 outdoor pool season, visit ColumbiaAssociation.org/Pools.

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