CA’s NewU programs offer four health-focused options to improve your life

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By Tripp Laino

Beach season is just around the corner, prompting many of us to start contemplating a new diet or workout regimen. But you don’t need an excuse to be healthier. No matter your reason, Columbia Association’s four NewU programs — developed by medical, fitness and nutrition professionals — are designed to help you on that journey.

The four programs — Fit Beginnings, Columbia Optimal Health, Columbia Optimal Health for My Baby & Me, and Columbia YouthFit — can give you the tools and support you need for a healthier life, whether you want to lose weight, improve your fitness or change your lifestyle.

Fit Beginnings

Fit Beginnings is an eight-week program designed to help you successfully integrate regular exercise into your lifestyle. Columbia Association’s team of fitness professionals will give you the guidance, motivation and support you need along the way.

Through a four-step process (an initial consultation, two fitness training sessions and a follow-up consultation), CA staff works with you to develop an exercise routine to accomplish your fitness goals.

You’ll also get diet help through a one-hour nutrition class taught by a certified nutritionist, plus access to all of the wonderful programs and services CA’s fitness clubs have to offer, including classes such as tai chi, yoga and aerobics. These classes can help improve strength, flexibility, stability and stamina in a fun, social atmosphere, and they’re offered at varying times throughout the week so you can find the right fit!

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Columbia Optimal Health

If you’re struggling with losing weight and have tried many diet options, Columbia Optimal Health can provide you with the boost you need.

This eight-week program is designed to help you lose weight through motivation, physical activity and healthy eating. We’ll use our team of medical, fitness, nutrition and behavioral health professionals to examine your current level of health and craft a personal plan to improve your health and wellness.

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Columbia Optimal Health for My Baby & Me

Whether you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant or are a new mother, finding time for your own health can be a challenge with all the changes in your life. But Columbia Optimal Health for My Baby & Me is designed to help navigate those challenges — for you and your baby.

As a participant, you can feel better, look better, prepare your body for birth and decrease your chance for cesarean delivery through this 12-week program focusing on pre- through postnatal health.

Much like Optimal Health, a team of fitness, nutrition, and behavioral health professionals will work closely with you and your obstetrics practitioner to assess your current level of health and to create a plan to improve your overall wellness, and your baby’s as well.

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Columbia YouthFit

Getting fit together can be a great family activity — that’s why Columbia YouthFit is designed for families to get healthier through motivation, physical activity and healthy eating. Medical, fitness, nutrition and behavioral health professionals work closely with all family members to create a family plan to improve your overall wellness.

If your family has a lack of activity or frequently dines on fast food or other high-calorie meals, YouthFit could provide a boost in overall health. The program is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Columbia YouthFit families participate in fun and informative get-togethers focusing on nutrition, education and lifestyle coaching; enjoyable physical activity for children; and receive access for all family members to many of Columbia Association’s facilities, programs and services.

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