Create your next masterpiece! Whether you’re taking your place behind the potter’s wheel for the first time or looking for an advanced class to bring your own unique idea to life, Columbia Association’s Columbia Art Center has a class for you. Beginners can learn methods for centering clay, throwing bowl and cylinder forms, raising a vessel, glazing and more. More advanced artists might wish to try their hand at some advanced brushwork or participate in the firing process.

Ceramics classes are fun regardless of your age or experience level, so bring your friends or come ready to meet some new ones.
Keep in mind that the drying and firing of finished work takes a minimum of two weeks. Of course, that might give you just enough time to return to the Wheel Room to create another amazing piece of art!

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Ceramics Workshop

For ages 15 and up! Designed for Beginners!
Program Date
Ceramics Workshop - Fall 2021 10/27/2021 View Classes | More Info
Ceramics Workshop - Fall 2021 11/3/2021 View Classes | More Info
Intro & Continuing Handbuilding - Fall 2021 10/13/2021 - 11/3/2021 View Classes | Register Now

Intermediate/Advanced Wheel

Expand and strengthen your throwing skills while developing your own personal style in clay. Basic shapes will be transformed into more complex forms. Sophisticated surface decoration will be explored using advanced glazing techniques, oxide and wax design elements and simple brushwork with slips.
Program Date
Intermediate/Advanced Wheel - Fall 2021 10/25/2021 - 11/15/2021 View Classes | Register Now
Intermediate/Advanced Wheel - Fall 2021 10/26/2021 - 11/16/2021 View Classes | Register Now
Intermediate/Advanced Wheel Throwing Class - Fall 2021 9/14/2021 - 10/19/2021 View Classes | Register Now