Get to Know Rodger!

Rodger Carter is a lifelong endurance athlete and competitive cyclist. He has been teaching yoga for the past 15 years and has been a personal trainer for seven years. 

His mission is to help others maximize their potential in their chosen sports.    

Over the years he has worked with all types of athletes; cyclists, runners, tennis players, golfers, squash players, race walkers, soccer players, triathletes, gymnasts, cross-fitters, and more.

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3 Day Workshop: Monday, June 14, 21 and 28 (registration is required for all three days)

Columbia Athletic Club


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Price: (for the 3 day workshop)

CA members: $60

Non-members: $75

Get to the next level in your sport and help prevent injury with our Yoga for Athletes with Rodger Carter, Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. 

The focus of this workshop is to highlight how yoga can be used as an essential tool in your training program. The goal is not to make you better at yoga, but for yoga to be a way to help you perform better at your sport! 

Yoga for Athletes will: 

  • Encourage your body to work at its optimal level, resulting in the marginal gains you need to reach the next level of your sport
  • Help correct muscle imbalances
  • Teach you multiple ways to stretch, including dynamic, static, PNF and foam rolling
  • Strengthen stabilizer muscles while stretching prime mover muscles
  • Increase blood flow to the muscles to alleviate knots and adhesions, keeping your knee, hip, SI and shoulder joints healthy
  • Boost your recovery!

How to Register for Yoga for Athletes:

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For more information or to register, call 410-730-6744 or email

Saturday, June 12, and 26


Columbia Gym

Open to the public! 

CA members: $25 (per workshop)

Non-members: $30 (per workshop) 

Learn to fly and take your floor practice to new heights! Drop your fears and explore a sense of freedom using a soft fabric hammock that supports up to 1,000 pounds and suspends you into inversions just two to three inches off the ground. 

Your aerial hammock will move you through traditional poses and assist your body to take on more challenging poses without strain, force, or effort. You will be able to achieve proper alignment, deeper stretches, and more release in the joints and muscle fibers; gain abdominal and upper body strength, and conquer inversions. 

Register online or by calling 410-531-0800 or visit the front desk. Members can register 7 days in advance. Non-members can register 24 hours in advance. Email for more information. 


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