TRX Mbody: Strap into the Movement!

TRX Mbody offers a fresh, new format with the same amazing results through classes that are specifically designed to meet the needs of any individual, regardless of what their goals are or where they are on their fitness journey.

Each experience includes a combination of TRX straps, plus body weight, plus functional training tools, plus conditioning drills to give you a dynamic and effective training session.

You have three formats to choose from to get the perfect mix of TRX fundamentals, cardio, strength and endurance.

Each “Series” of TRXMbody is held over 4-weeks.

TRX Mbody Programs

TRX Mpact: Designed for those who want a strength-focused workout that will help them build power and increase performance. TRX Mpact sessions emphasize the development of quality functional strength while increasing lean muscle mass.

TRX Mprove: Designed for those looking to get started on their fitness journey (or for those who are new to TRX). TRX Mprove arms participants with the experience and confidence they need to progress into more advanced and specialized TRX Mbody sessions. (Offered at Columbia Athletic Club and Columbia Gym only).

TRX Mpulse: Designed for those who want a fast-paced class that will help them work up a sweat, tone up and lose weight. TRX Mpulse sessions offer all the movement-enhancing benefits of TRX Suspension Training®, while seamlessly integrating cardio interval training and a wide range of functional training methods.

For more information, email

Online registration is available under each club’s Series 1 schedule.

Pricing: (per series)
$60 for CA Fit&Play and Golf Fit&Play members
$72 for 1Fit (at their designated club)
$100 for Play members, all other Golf members, Columbia Cardholder and non-members. (This price also applies to 1Fit members who take classes at their non-designated club.

Series 1 Schedule
You can register online at the fitness club of your choice. To register for the free trial week classes, look for listings that have the word “Trial” in them. All other listings are for Series 1 registration.

Program NameDayTimeOnline Registration
TRX MpactTuesday5:30amRegister
TRX MpactTuesday9:30amRegister
TRX MpactThursday5:30amRegister
TRX MpactFriday9:30amRegister
TRX MpactSaturday8amRegister
TRX MproveTuesday11:30amRegister
TRX MproveTuesday5pmRegister
TRX MproveThursday9:30amRegister
TRX MproveSaturday11amRegister
TRX MpulseMonday5:30amRegister
TRX MpulseMonday9:30amRegister
TRX MpulseMonday10:30amRegister
TRX MpulseTuesday6:30amRegister
TRX MpulseWednesday5:15amRegister
TRX MpulseThursday6:30amRegister
TRX MpulseFriday5:30amRegister
TRX MpulseFriday6:30amRegister
TRX MpulseSaturday6:30amRegister
TRX MpulseSaturday9amRegister
Program NameDayTimeOnline Registration
TRX MpactMonday7:30amRegister
TRX MpactTuesday9:30amRegister
TRX MpactFridaynoonRegister
TRX MproveFriday10:45amRegister
TRX MpulseMonday9:30amRegister
TRX MpulseWednesday8amRegister
TRX MpulseThursday9:30amRegister
TRX MpulseFriday5:30pmRegister
Program NameDayTimeOnline Registration
TRX MpactMonday9:30amRegister
TRX MpactFriday6amRegister
TRX MpactFriday9:30amRegister
TRX MpactSaturday9amRegister
TRX MpulseMonday8pmRegister
TRX MpulseWednesday9:30amRegister
TRX MpulseThursday8pmRegister
TRX MpulseSaturday10amRegister