A Great Cardio Workout Is Just Steps Away!

What do you get when you combine choreography, upbeat music and an adjustable platform?  The answer: a great workout that’s lots of fun! While Step classes do require a bit of coordination, they are relatively simple. You choose the height of your step or platform — and that, along with the pace, dictates the intensity of your workout. 

Also known as step aerobics, these classes really give your heart and lungs a great workout while toning your lower body. Runners, cyclists and power walkers will find Step classes to be a wonderful cross-training activity. 

CA members can choose from two great workouts. 

Cardio Step

A multi-level, low-impact class that involves stepping on an adjustable bench. Stepping improves your body tone, muscle definition, strength and endurance. Check in five minutes before class required. (55 minutes)