Are family discounts available?

Discounts are available for all Tae Kwon Do classes. Special rates apply in Family Class (both parent and child must participate). Sibling discounts also apply. Discounts are available for anyone whose household income falls within certain income guidelines (must qualify through Columbia Association assistance program).

I have participated in martial arts at another location; will I be able to keep my belt level? How will I find the best class for my skill level?

If you have recently earned a belt in another martial art style, you will be able to keep your belt but will still need to learn our system from the beginning. In most cases the student will be eligible to test for an equivalent belt or the next ranking belt within six months or less. We have a variety of class times and levels; please contact John Bannon to find the class that best suits you!

What Columbia Association locations offer Tae Kwon Do?

Currently, all martial arts classes are held at Columbia Gym (6151 Daylong Lane, Clarksville).

My child is only 3 years old, is there a martial arts program he/she can participate in?

In our Tae Kwon Do program, children as young as two years old can participate in the Tiny Dragons programs.

What other Martial Arts programs does Columbia Association offer for children and adults?

Columbia Association also offers Kendo for children. Adults have a variety of programs to choose from: including Aikido, and Judo.

Can I come in and do a free trial class with no obligation?

Absolutely! All Martial Arts programs within Columbia Association offer a free trial class to new students.