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What better way to show your strength, resilience and commitment to your health and wellness than being a part of CA’s TRIBE Season 7! We can achieve more together from wherever you are!

Tribe Team Training is back at all three fitness clubs! And we now offer both in-person and virtual options.

There are three different Tribe programs to choose from, ranging from high-intensity interval training to low-impact core workouts. Find your perfect fit for your individual health and fitness goals.

Tribe is open to the public; you don’t need to be a CA member to sign up. For more information, email

Try it Out with Tribe One-Offs
From now through Saturday, January 9, you can try single sessions of each Tribe format without the commitment of the whole season for just $10 per class. In-person and virtual options are available.

To view schedules and to register, click on the green button at the top of the page for the fitness club you want to attend at.

Tribe Season 1 Free Trial Week
Before we kick-off Season 1, we’ll offer a free trial week from Monday, January 11-Saturday, January 16 at all three clubs. Try out the different formats for free!

To view schedules and to register, click on the green button at the top of the page for the fitness club you want to attend at

The schedule will be the same for Trial Week as it is for Season 1, and goes back to the 2x/week sessions (i.e. M/W or T/Th, etc.).

The theme for Season 1 is TRIBE FIRSTS. I will forward the newsletter so you can read about it and what they are going for.

Tribe Season 1:
The full season of Tribe runs from Monday, January 18 through Saturday, February 27 at all three fitness clubs. The theme of the season is celebrating Tribe Firsts! The first time you tried Tribe, the first time you made a new friend in your Tribe session, the first time you mastered a Tribe move, etc. We want you to share and celebrate your Tribe firsts on our CA Fit Facebook page throughout the season!


CA Fit&Play members$144
1Fit members$180

Season 1 Schedules

Class Descriptions

Toned, strong, powerful Designed to help you achieve a strong and stable core, this program will give you the freedom and confidence in all aspects of movement. TribeCORE incorporates flexibility and stability training with the focus on the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen. Whether you want to improve performance in your chosen sport, help in your recovery from or simply prevent an injury, or just focus on the movements we perform in everyday life — TribeCORE is for you. Benefits include:

  • Toned, slim waistline
  • Increased flexibility, stability and functional movement
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved posture

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Fit, fast, strong Are you a Tough Mudder or CrossFit enthusiast? TribeFIT is for you! This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is designed to help you move and perform like an athlete. Using a combination of strength, power and conditioning exercises along with mobility training, you’ll enhance your athletic performance and achieve a lean, strong body. Benefits include:

  • Rapid improvement in cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased speed, strength and stamina
  • Increased weight loss by maximizing calorie burn during each session
  • Increased results by achieving goals — and smashing them!
  • Increased metabolism by burning calories for hours after the session

Active, fit, energized This low-impact, functional exercise workout is designed to ensure you achieve all your exercise needs to be fit for life. By combining full-body aerobic movements, 3D functional exercises as well as core and mobility exercises, you’ll maintain the intensity needed to achieve your desired results while not being strenuous on your joints. Benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved weight loss with an increase in metabolism
  • Increased levels of mobility
  • Increased results by achieving new fitness goals

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