Registration for the January 3, 2022 session begins December 20, 2021

Learning to swim is a lifesaving skill that opens up a world of opportunity in terms of staying fit and enjoying water activities with confidence. 

That’s why CA takes pride in providing year-round lessons for all ages and abilities — our aquatics professionals meet each swimmer where they’re at with custom-tailored instruction. CA offers indoor and outdoor lessons for both members and non-members, with a variety of class locations and times to work with your family’s schedule. 

Outdoor lessons involve week-long commitments to daily 15-minute lessons available at two of our outdoor pool locations. One-on-one sessions allow CA’s aquatics instructors to give swimmers undivided attention and build the curriculum catered to the child’s ability. Indoor lessons are offered in both group and one-on-one sessions at Columbia Gym and Columbia Swim Center.


What are you wade-ing for? Stronger swimming begins here!

Upcoming Session Dates

Session 1: September 6-October 24 (registration open new)
Session 2: October 25 – December 19 (no lessons during week of Thanksgiving) (registration open October 11)
Session 3: January 3 – February 20 (registration open December 20)
Session 4: February 21 – April 10 (registration open February 7, 2022)
Session 5: April 18 – June 5 (registration open March 28, 2022)
Summer Session: Registration for Summer 2022 programs opens on May 9, 2022.

Additional Information

Safety Measures

For your health and safety, we are limiting swim lessons to one-on-one and small groups at this time. This allows us to provide you the best experience possible, while still following our state and local guidelines. We will continue to look at adding more diverse swim lessons class opportunities as regulations continue to adjust and update. Additionally, CA swim instructors will wear a protective swim mask for both indoor and outdoor lessons.*

*Subject to change as state and county recommendations are updated.

Little and Me One-on-One Lessons
Bronze Swim Team Prep (September – May)
Silver Teen and Adult Lessons

Little and Me: Parent/caregiver participation required in the water in this class geared toward ages 6 months to 3 years old. This class is about water discovery and adjustment, safety and the basics of swimming, including relaxing on the belly and back and getting the head and face wet. These skills are introduced through a series of songs, games, and interactive activities. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Bronze: For ages 3-5. Students will work on floating, kicking, blowing bubbles, retrieving objects from under the water, and jumping into deep water without assistance. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Silver: For children ages 5-12 who are comfortable in the water and floating on their front without assistance. Students will work on floating on their front and back independently, freestyle arms, streamline glides on their front and back, and kicking on their back. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Gold: For children ages 5-12 who are comfortable under the water, are working on side breathing, and can swim a minimum of five yards independently. Students will work on swimming freestyle and backstroke up to 10 yards in a strong fashion with coordinated side breathing, treading water, streamline glides, and jumping into water where they cannot touch, without assistance. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Diamond: For children ages 6-12 who can fulfill the objectives of the Gold lessons. Students will work on swimming freestyle and backstroke independently for 25 yards, breaststroke technique, and sitting/kneeling dives. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Platinum: For children ages 6-12 who can swim a minimum of 25 yards in freestyle and backstroke without stopping, as well as 10 yards of breaststroke unassisted. Students will work on swimming freestyle in a strong fashion for 50 yards; swimming backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly for 25 yards; somersaults in the water; and kneeling/standing dives. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

Swim Team Prep: For swimmers ages 7-15 who can swim all four strokes for 50 yards and are comfortable with a standing and racing dive. Students will focus on improving technique, speed, and endurance, as well as racing dives, flip turns, and open turns. This class will run like a swim league practice with drills, laps, and outside-of-the-water instruction. Participation is not a guarantee that a swimmer will be eligible to join a year-round competitive swim team. Lessons are 60 minutes, once per week. Because most of the children in this class are taking part in CNSL, lessons are only being offered in the months of September through May.

Teen and Adult Lessons: For swimmers ages 13 and older. Lessons can be tailored to the participants in the class and can focus on building confidence in the water, learning safety skills, swimming a coordinate stroke, and improving stroke technique and efficiency. Lessons are 25 minutes, once per week. 

One-on-One Lessons: For swimmers of all ages. Lessons can be tailored based on each individual’s age and goals. Lessons are 15 minutes, once per week.

Personal Swim Training: For swimmers of all ages. 30-minute, individual lessons with a qualified instructor. Designed for adult triathletes, fitness swimmers, and beginners. Lessons can be tailored based on each individual’s age and goals. Students can enroll for one, three or six sessions. 

Makeup classes are held the week following each session in case of a student’s illness or a facility closing. A $10 fee will be assessed if a student cancels three days or less before the start of a group, individual, clinic or prep class. To reschedule a personal swim training session, students must notify the instructor at least 24 hours beforehand.

For the latest on COVID-19 safety measures at each CA facility,

visit our safety updates page.