Each year in April, Columbia’s 10 villages hold elections.

Eligible voters in each of the ten villages, depending on the village’s criteria, elect a resident or property owner of that village to be a Columbia Council Representative and serve on Columbia Association’s Board of Directors.

As a Columbia Association Board Member, representatives are expected to attend a Board work session and Board meeting each month. As a Board Member, representatives also serve on one or more Board committees, and are also expected to attend those meetings when scheduled.

In three villages, each representative serves a one-year term: those villages are Wilde Lake, Oakland Mills, and Hickory Ridge.

In the other seven villages, each representative serves a two-year term: those villages are Dorsey’s Search, Kings Contrivance, Long Reach, River Hill, Owen Brown, Harper’s Choice and Town Center.

In 2017, the following villages have scheduled elections on April 29.

Make sure you vote – even if it’s for yourself!

  • Dorsey’s Search
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Kings Contrivance
  • Long Reach
  • Oakland Mills
  • River Hill
  • Wilde Lake

Most villages have information packets available for prospective candidates in February, and you must state your intent to run in March.  Villages schedule their elections to be held on April 29.  Please check with your respective village for polling hours and further voting details.

Contact your village community association for further information on details of becoming a candidate representing your village.