Camp Hours

Standard Camp Hours:

8:30am to 4pm.

Extended Care:

1 week – AM $65/ PM $70,
2 week –  AM $130/PM $140

Lake Pick-Up Fees:

Assessed at one minute past pick-up time.

1-15 minutes late $20

16-30 minutes late $40

31-45 minutes late $120

46-60 minutes late $160

Urgent Extended Care is available for a daily charge. The cost is $15 for before care and $20 for after care. Late fees and urgent extended care fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

What to Bring

Campers must wear closed-toed shoes, and it is suggested that campers wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and socks. A hat and sunscreen are recommended for outdoor activities. Campers should bring a healthy, nonperishable lunch, refillable water bottle, bathing suit and towel. 

Below is a list of extra items needed. Detailed schedules will be handed out on the first day of camp.

  • Art Camp: smock or overshirt to protect clothes
  • Grand Slam Tennis: tennis racket, no black soled shoes
  • Nature Camps: a sleeping bag and pillow are needed for the overnights. Tents are provided for campers; however, personal tents are welcome.
  • Skateboard Camp: campers need skateboard, helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads. Safety equipment is available to rent from the Sports Park. Campers may also bring money to buy items from the snack bar.
  • Tennis, Golf and Swim: tennis racket, no black soled shoes

Refund Policy

The $50 deposit is non refundable.

Prior to June 5, refunds will be granted for voluntary withdrawal from camp (less the non refundable deposit). All requests must be submitted in writing to

After June 5, refunds will only be granted if the camper has to attend mandatory summer school, is injured, or has moved out of the area. Written refund requests along with documentation (school notification, doctor’s note, change of address form) must be submitted to the Camps office at

No refunds are granted for weather, missed days due to personal scheduling conflicts or camper sick days. If CA disenrolls a camper for disciplinary reasons, no refund will be granted. 

Income Qualified Program

The Income-Qualified Program is for families in need of financial assistance for CA Camps. This program is only available to people who live on or work full-time on property subject to CA’s annual charge and whose household income is within the guidelines developed by HUD. CA Camps does not accept DSS vouchers. Please allow 3-5 business days for approval. Call 410-715-3165 for more information.

Income Guidelines for Reduced Rate



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