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The Columbia Community Exchange provides an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors through the mutual exchange of everyday services.

Time banking is a way to share skills. Whether you are lending a hand or getting help, this form of giving and receiving builds strong support networks throughout the community. This program is free and open to all who live, work and play in Columbia and greater Howard County.

Learn more about the Columbia Community Exchange.

All skills are equally valued. Skill and service exchanges use time instead of money to create a network that respects everyone’s contributions. An hours of one person’s time is equal to an hour of another person’s time.

Time banks are part of a sharing economy. Sharing local resources of human capital ﹘﹘ time, energy, skills ﹘﹘ harnesses the power of community currency.

Everyone has skills that others may value. Trading services such as gardening, home organization, handyman help, computer support and tutoring helps members connect with other people who want to share valuable talents and skills. Click here for more ways to share services

Social connections foster a strong community. Connecting with like-minded individuals can lead to healthy, resilient and sustainable communities.

Membership is free. Everyone is welcome to participate! Becoming a member is easy. Simply click the link below and complete a short form. We will contact you for additional information. All members must provide references, details about their specific skills and services, and attend a mandatory orientation. New member orientations are held monthly.

Become a Community Exchange Member

Members communicate with fellow members via our Time Bank website, email or telephone. We encourage people to attend our social gatherings, as people tend to exchange services with those they know and trust. Friendships blossom as members develop personal connections and create circles of giving.

Columbia Community Exchange is a member of TimeBanks USA. Learn more about time banks and time banking.


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5853 Robert Oliver Place
(Located in Oakland Mills Village Center in The Barn)
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9am-2pm
E-mail: CommunityExchange@ColumbiaAssociation.org
or visit Columbia.timebanks.org