Columbia Association’s Community Health Division collaborates with health and wellness organizations in order to improve the health of our community — offering wellness programs, promoting good health, and providing educational awareness of good health practices.

We provide a comprehensive approach to whole body health by offering guided physical activity, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition education. We also work with numerous medical practices to ensure a continuum of care for their patients.

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Health Focus

Talk with Me Howard County

Your baby’s brain grows with every interaction you have together. From the earliest moments when you repeat your baby’s sounds back to her or tell him how much they are loved, your baby is making important connections. Children who have parents talking with them are put on a path toward better development. Learn more at the Talk With Me Howard County website.

New! Monthly Recipes

March is the month of the horseradish, an often-overlooked root vegetable that is actually quite healthy. Horseradish is low in calories and rich in several important nutrients. It adds spice to dips, dressings, sauces and spreads.  Click for the recipe!

How to Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

Do you fall into the “comfort trap?” 

When you go to a friend’s house, you’re invited to sit down. When you go to a doctor’s appointment, you’re asked to sit in the waiting room. When you go to a park, you sit while watching your children play. All of these situations are missed opportunities for you to move. 

Your body is made to move. Without movement, you could be more prone to heart disease, weight gain, stiff muscles and a lot of other unhealthy conditions. So challenge yourself to identify situations in your daily activities where you can get moving. Just being aware of the situations will help you make the change.


Free Family Dinner

Monday, April 27, 2020


Supreme Sports Club, 7080 Deepage Drive, Columbia

Family meals CAN be healthy, affordable, and easy to prepare. Enjoy a meal together, learn why eating healthy is important, and discover the abundance of healthy foods available in your grocery store.

Free for one household of two adults and their dependent children. Open to everyone regardless of CA membership or residency.

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For more information email CA’s Community Health Director, Shawni Paraska, at

From the Doctor

Dr. Harry profile imageDr. Harry Oken

Many people make a New Year’s resolution to improve their health, yet most Americans continue to be “overfat.” 

What happens when you’re “overfat?”

Being “overfat, especially having visceral fat (deep yellow fat within our abdomen), sets us up for an increased risk of a whole host of problems as shown below by this diagram. Source

How can we tell if we are overfat?

If two times your waist measurement is greater than your height, you are overfat.

Being healthy is all about lifestyle, and focusing on The Big Four.  The Big Four, listed below, strengthen your immune system. And if your immune system is healthy, you are tipping the scale, so to speak, towards aging gracefully rather than decaying as you age.  You will be more resistant to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and inflammatory illness. Read more

Healthy Eating