There are three lakes, more than 40 ponds, 60 assorted stormwater management facilities and over 40 miles of streams on Columbia Association (CA) property. The lakes, ponds and stormwater facilities are all manmade. The watersheds that serve as the water sources for our streams, ponds and lakes are comprised of residential homes, commercial and industrial areas, roadways and parking lots, public  facilities, open turf  areas and woodlands. Everything that is deposited, applied or placed on the ground within these watersheds, regardless of the source, has the potential to be washed into our streams, ponds and lakes. Materials such as animal waste, lawn fertilizer, trash and road wash-off can have a negative effect on the quality of our environment. 

CA encourages residents to enjoy and take care of the open space throughout Columbia. Urban lakes, streams and the land surrounding them are resilient but delicate natural system that can be challenged by human activities. CA provides advice and incentives to residents to help reduce the introduction of alien plants, pollutants and trash into open space. It is important to advise community members about general conditions (heavy rain storms, for instance) that can result in potential high levels of bacteria. Increasing watershed stewardship upstream may increase overall water quality and habitat in Columbia Association open space.

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