Columbia Association’s mission is to make Columbia an even better place for residents to live, work and play and in support of this, Columbia Association (CA) maintains more than 3,600 acres of Columbia’s open space.

CA invites you to “get lost” in Columbia, where lush green acreage is just one of the perks of living here. Nearly a quarter of the land is protected as open space by Columbia Association, preserved for residents to explore its more than 94 miles of pathways; nearly twenty miles of sidewalks for walking, biking and jogging; three manmade lakes and 41 ponds; or for hiking through its 34 miles of stream valleys.

CA’s open space also includes an extensive network of pedestrian underpasses and overpasses, meadows, forestland, basketball courts, public tennis courts, and the Town Center and village center plazas located throughout the community.

If you plan on exploring CA’s open space, or boating or fishing on one of its lakes, please read and/or download the applicable information, rules, regulations and forms below.