Celebrating Columbians In
Art, Religion, Theater and Sports

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On March 29, 2018, Columbia Archives celebrated Women’s History Month in an evening program entitled Archiving the A.R.T.S — Celebrating the Legacy of the Women of Columbia. The program honored the achievements of the women of Columbia who have diligently worked in the fields of art, religion, theater, and sports.

We featured archival materials maintained within Columbia Archives through a beautiful panel display and a slide presentation that highlighted the influential work of the following honorees:

  • Doris Ligon, co-founder of the Maryland Museum of African Art
  • Carolyn Kelemen, dancer, choreographer, writer, professor, and founder of the Interfaith Housing Ballet Company, the Bryant Woods Basement Bunch and Labor of Love Series Benefit
  • Carolyn Arena and Priscilla Hart, early and longtime advocates and defining participants of Columbia’s interfaith culture through organizational activities and membership within the Columbia Religious Facilities Corporation and Columbia Cooperative Ministry
  • Barbara Mall, wife and supporter of Aldolph Mall, actor/director of the Columbia Community Players and the early defining member for the Columbia Religious Facilities Corporation and Columbia Cooperative Ministry.
  • Joan Lovelace, honorably recognized as the first female to play on a high school varsity boys’ team in Howard County, and head professional and general manager, L.P.G.A., P.G.A., at Hobbit’s Glen Golf Course
  • Barbara Bellamy, early coach for the Columbia Aquatics Association and the Columbia Neighborhood Swim League All-City, and founder of the Columbia Clippers program.

The successful and well-attended Archiving the A.R.T.S program concluded with a roundtable dialogue between the honorees, who reflected upon Columbia as a supportive environment for the growth and solidification of their visions, followed by words of wisdom offering priceless advice to the next generation of visionaries.


Photos by Ron Fedorczak