Every year, CA performs facility maintenance on a staggered schedule for regular upkeep.

The renovation schedule is as follows:

Columbia Athletic ClubClosed at 3pm on July 30 through Sunday, Aug. 27. Reopens Monday, Aug. 28.
Columbia Gym Building remains open. Pool undergoing work July 3 through Sunday, July 16
Columbia Ice RinkClosed. Reopens on Monday, Aug. 14
Columbia Swim CenterClosed. Reopens on Tuesday, Sept. 5

Additional Information:

Columbia Ice Rink is expected to reopen on Monday, Aug. 14.

Columbia Swim Center is expected to reopen on Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Columbia Athletic Club will begin phase one of a proposed two-phase renovation this summer. From Sunday, July 30 at 3pm through Sunday Aug. 27.  Columbia Athletic Club 1Fit Members are welcome to exercise and participate in classes at Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club during this time. Columbia Athletic Club will be closed for the following upgrades:

  • Seven new HVAC units that will replace about half of our aging units and greatly improve air quality and flow in the building.

  • Removal of the glass wall that partitions off the former Package Plan Plus room, creating a free flow in and out of the area. A railing will be put in its place around the stairwell.

  • Removal of the drop ceilings in the main strength area (upper level), Studio 2 and the Free Weight Room (lower level), creating a more open feel in these spaces.

  • Addition of windows in the KidSpace area, Studio 2 and the Boxing Studio.

  • Small expansion of the upper level of the Free Weight Room and complete replacement of the plate-loaded equipment in this area.

  • Reconfiguration of the KidSpace outdoor play area, including the replacement of some pieces of playground equipment.

  • Replacement of the gutter system on the tennis barn and men’s locker room to remedy the leak issues.

  • Update: Columbia Athletic Club’s free weight room will close at 1pm on Saturday, July 29. Columbia Athletic Club 1Fit members are welcome to use Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club during this time.

A list of classes being moved to Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club can be accessed here.

Columbia Athletic Club 1Fit Members are welcome to participate in classes at Columbia Gym, Supreme Sports Club, and the outdoor pools during this closure.