Columbia Athletic Club will reopen its doors on Friday, November 30.

Join us for member reunion week from November 30 through Friday, December 7, and save the date for our Amazing Celebration on Saturday, January 12.

“From the initial idea of how to modernize the club all the way through the final touches, we structured this renovation around the most important part of the club — our members. We know Columbia Athletic Club is not just the place to get fit, but also the place to connect with friends, and we crafted our design around our community’s health and well-being.”

-Leslie Flynn, General Manager of Columbia Athletic Club

Our work continues on modernizing Columbia Athletic Club to serve our members and guests well into the future! Crews are working to demolish aged infrastructure, the foundation has been poured for our expansion and the new look is beginning to take shape. Check out our progress below!





New front entrance and landscaping

AUGUST 1 - Exterior of expansion_new hot tub 8-8-18

Completely renovated and expanded locker rooms

New, larger hot tub that is ADA-compliant

new large hot tub July
Tile is going up

Studio 1 upgrades and floor replacement

studio 1 July
studio 1 october

Creation of functional training spaces for small group training classes and open use

functional trng space July
functional trng space October

Removal of some walls to improve flow through the fitness areas

walls to improve July
walls to improve October

New flooring throughout most of the upper and lower levels

new flooring July
new flooring October

Redesigned hallway in the lower level

Redesign Hallway July
Redesign Hallway October

Roof replacement

Take a peek at how renovations will change your Athletic Club experience!

When will Columbia Athletic Club close and for how long?

The club is scheduled to reopen on Friday, November 30.



Why is Columbia Athletic Club closing for so long?

The scope of work for the renovations are extensive and include a complete overhaul and expansion of the locker rooms; a new front entrance; roof and HVAC replacements; and other upgrades, including structural work.

Why can’t part of the club remain open while the work is being done?

Due to the scope of the project, life safety systems for the main part of the facility will be shut down during the entire renovation.

What should I do if I am an Athletic Club 1Fit member?

All Columbia Athletic Club 1Fit members will have access to Supreme Sports Club and Columbia Gym during the entire renovation. If you have further inquiries regarding membership, please email  

Will the tennis courts be closed during the entire renovation?

The indoor tennis courts will reopen in mid-August to accommodate block time players. These players have pre-paid for the year/season for a specific day and time block to be reserved every week, from mid-Aug through April/May. Temporary trailers will be used for restrooms and check-in on the far end of the building, closest to Harper’s Choice Middle School. There will be no access through the club until it is officially reopened.