CA golf courses use a tee time system for most scheduling tee times. The system is used for all days at Fairway Hills and for weekdays at Hobbit’s Glen. See below for Hobbit’s Glen weekend registration.

CA members may reserve a tee time up to eight (8) days in advance. Columbia Cardholders and the Public may reserve tee times up to seven (7) days in advance. 

Tee time reservations can be made for Fairway Hills by calling 410-730-1112 option 7 or online. Reservations can be made at Hobbit’s Glen by calling 410-730-5980 .

Hobbit's Glen Weekend & Holiday Reservations

Weekends and holidays

  • 7Day Golf and Golf Fit&Play members may submit requests one week in advance to be entered into the lottery for weekend morning and holiday morning tee times
  • All members except for Play and 1Fit members may reserve remaining weekend tee times after the lottery has been drawn by calling on Tuesdays beginning at noon.

Lottery procedures
A representative of the group completes one form for each desired day of play (Saturday, Sunday or holiday) that lists:

  • The names and member numbers of group
  • The day of play
  • The desired tee time


  • The group should be a foursome and have at least three Golf-type members. If a group has only three people, the pro shop will provide the fourth.
  • If your name is drawn and your group cannot play, you must notify the pro shop by the Thursday preceding the weekend.
  • Only one lottery form per group per day is allowed. To request times for both Saturday and Sunday, complete one form for each day.
  • To keep play moving for everyone, each group is expected to keep pace with the other golfers. If your group is unable to do so, it may not participate in the following week’s lottery.
  • Any lottery form not drawn will go on a waiting list and be assigned a time if:
    • There is a cancellation before the Tuesday call-in.
    • There are times available after the Tuesday call-in.
    • Failure to keep a tee time reservation or cancel in advance are subject to a cancellation /no-show fee and/or loss of future reservation privileges.

Winter weekend starting times

Weekday starting times remain the same.

Due to high volume of play, impending frost delays and to accommodate more players on weekend mornings, we will run Shotgun Starts at 10am (or when the frost clears), beginning the first weekend in December and ending the last weekend in February. The procedure to reserve a hole for the shotgun is as follows:

  • 7Day Golf and Golf Fit&Play members may continue to use the lottery procedure.
  • All members except for Play and 1Fit members may begin to call in for a reservation in the shotgun beginning Tuesdays at 9am