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Explanations of each status are listed below the table.

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Pool NameCountStatusPool Schedule
Clemens Crossing (CCP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Dickinson (DIP)11Rec Swim View Schedule
Dorsey Hall (DHP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Faulkner Ridge (FRP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Hawthorn (HAP)0Closed (Maintenance) View Schedule
Hobbit's Glen (HGP) *Max Cap 750Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Hopewell Mini WaterPark (HWP)3Rec Swim View Schedule
Huntington (HUP)30Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Kendall Ridge (KRP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Longfellow (LFP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Phelps Luck ( PLP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
River Hill (RHP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Running Brook (RBP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Steven's Forest (SFP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Swansfield Mini Water Park (SWP)0Closed (Off-Hours) View Schedule
Thunder Hill (THP)39Rec Swim View Schedule
Last Update7/24/2021 23:44:50

Status Explanation

  • Rec Swim = Open for Rec Swim during normal operating hours
  • CNSL = Columbia Neighborhood Swim League practice or meet only
  • Adult Laps = Reservation required for adult laps
  • Aqua Fit = Aqua Fit class underway, reservation required
  • Lessons = Swim lessons and wading pool only
  • Closed (Off-Hours) = Expected closure according to normal operating hours
  • Closed (Inclement Weather) = Pool is closed for inclement weather*
  • Closed (Maintenance) = Pool is closed for planned maintenance
  • Closed (Unplanned) = Pool is closed due to an unexpected circumstance

*Pools will be cleared and shut down for at least 30 minutes after the team observes lightning or thunder. We encourage you to check back often to see if your pool has reopened or is closed for the day. You can also follow CA Swim on Facebook for more details on pool closures or call CA’s Inclement Weather Hotline at 410-715-3154.