Indoor Pool Admissions

Columbia Association is home to five indoor pools at four locations.

The Columbia Swim Center has two indoor pools, one of which is the famous SplashDown. Play members are allowed in for no admission.

CA’s three fitness clubs each have an indoor pool, which you can access at no charge if you have a Fit&Play or 1fit membership at the corresponding facility. Admission to the fitness clubs gives you access to the club for the whole day, so be sure to check out all that CA’s fitness clubs have to offer to make the most out of your visit.

Facility Adult/Child Non member
Columbia Athletic Club Adult
Columbia Gym Adult
Supreme Sports Club Adult
Columbia Swim Center Adult

Lap swim bookings begin at midnight on the day you want to start your 7-day reservations. Bookings for Supreme Sports Club’s pool can be done online.

A Senior Swim Pass* is now available for purchase.
The pass may be used to gain access to the pools at Columbia Athletic Club and Columbia Gym. Cost: $25 for 10 passes. You may purchase the passes at the Customer and Member Service Center, Columbia Athletic Club or Columbia Gym.
*Note: You must have an existing PLAY membership and be 65 years of age or older to be eligible to purchase the Senior Swim Pass.

Outdoor Pool Admissions

Outdoor pools will return next summer

Guest policy — 

  • Members and Columbia Cardholders must be at least 16 years old to bring a guest. 
  • A member who is 15 or younger may bring a supervisor who is 21 or older as a guest. 

Parental supervision of children — 

  • Columbia Association lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and regulations and respond to emergencies. A parent/caregiver is ultimately responsible for the safety of his or her child. There is no substitution for close, active supervision.

Unsupervised children’s policy — 

  • All children ages 9 or younger must be accompanied by a supervisor. 
  • Children ages 10 to 13 years who are CA members or Columbia Cardholders may be admitted to the facility without a supervisor if the child passes Safety First. Anyone who has not passed Safety First must be accompanied by a supervisor. 
  • Supervisors who are CA members or Columbia Cardholders must be at least 14 years old. Supervisors who are non-members — whether they are using a guest pass or paying the daily admission fee — must be at least 21 years old. 
  • Supervisors must follow this policy: You are visiting only to watch the children. You may watch no more than 10 children, including no more than four children ages 9 or younger.
  • Non-swimming children must be accompanied in the main pool on a one-to-one ratio.

Children’s rest periods (Adult Swim) — 

  • 15-minute rest periods are called at a quarter of each hour (including the last hour). Children 15 and younger are required to take a break. 
  • Adults may take one child age 6 or younger into the main pool. (2021 not running during 90-minute block recreational swim)

Non-swimmers — 

  • Non-swimmers should never go into the water further than chest-deep and are not permitted to use the diving board or deep water slides. 
  • Parents of non-swimmers are not permitted in the diving well to “catch” their non-swimmer children. 
  • For your safety, only United States Coast Guard-approved personal floatation devices (life jackets) may be used in the pool. Non-swimming children must be within arm’s reach of a responsible supervisor unless they are wearing a properly fitted Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Drug and alcohol policy  — 

  • Illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or persons under the influence will not be permitted in the pool or on its grounds.

Camps, day cares, youth programs and private rentals — 

  • All Columbia Association Aquatics facilities comply with state and county requirements for operating a swimming pool and comply with state requirements for camps. 
  • The facilities have been inspected, certified and approved by the Howard County Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. All CA lifeguards are trained in the Jeff Ellis International Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard Training Program and meet all the requirements set forth in their comprehensive risk management program.

Your organization must provide certain staffing to comply with state requirements. These include but are not limited to:

  • On-deck director (must be at least 21 years old), plus
  • One staff for every 10 swimmers and one staff for every four non-swimmers, plus
  • One staff watcher for every 25 swimmers will be located in the approved areas for supervision of your swimmers the entire time the program participants are in the water.
  • All program participants will have a swimming assessment prior to entering the water.
  • A copy of your State of Maryland Day Care or Youth Program Certification plus a Certificate of Liability must be on file with CA before your group will be allowed access to the facility. Please contact Columbia Association’s Aquatics office at 410-312-6332 to register and supply all necessary documentation.

Weather Guidelines

Normal operations — Sunny summer days. Pools open as usual.

Limited operations — When it’s cold and dreary with light rain or thundershowers predicted, the following pools remain open: Dorsey Hall, Hopewell*, Kendall Ridge, River Hill, Stevens Forest, and Swansfield*.

Inclement operations — Rainy, inclement days, Stevens Forest and Swansfield* remain open (unless very severe). All other pools are closed.

*Slide not available. Please call 410-715-3154 for weather-related operations and updates.

Creating a login requires a member number, zip code, date of birth

  • Make sure you enter your membership number in the 99999.01 format.
  • If you cannot create an account using your information, something is most likely incorrect in our system, i.e. wrong year on the date of birth. Please contact Membership Services at 410-730-1801 and make sure they have your correct date of birth and zip code.

…No Match Has Been Found

If you see the issue of “No match has been found” is an error caused by the wrong information being inputted. This means the membership number input is wrong, or the wrong date of birth or zip code exists in Columbia Association database.


… Relationship

If you see the issue of “Relationship” with a yellow triangle, this is an error due to the primary member number not being used. The primary member is normally the first member on the account, normally the .01 of the membership or the lowest member number.


In Program Registration

  • Membership Services is the defaulted site. The number one error from the member in program registration is that they member does not hit “Change” next to the site.
  • For Aquatics, please do not use the middle section in your search; see the image below.


Swim Lessons Program

To register, go to the membership login page. Login and go into Program Registration.

Change the Site to “Dickinson Pool” or desired lesson center.

  • Change the Session to “Week 2 July 1-July 5” or desired dates for lessons.
  • Change the Category to “Aquatics”
  • Choose the Course you wish to enroll in and hit search.
  • Code Examples:
    W2.3-1020: One on One Lesson, Week 2, Instructor 3, 10:20 a.m.
    W5.PS1-1130: Preschool Level 1, Week 5, 11:30 a.m.

Sub Members**
Once you have added a child to a class, in the cart, double click on class details, and select the proper sub-member you wish to enroll in the course.

In The Cart:
The member and non-member fees look incorrect online. The pricing is automatically adjusted with the membership once you add it to the cart. This is a system error that we cannot adjust. See right hand side below:


If you still need assistance, please call 410-312-6332 or email