Parks & Tot Lots – Columbia Association
CA maintains 3,600 acres of open space and 94 miles of pathways for community recreation — and for the little ones, 171 tot lots are available for play. If your family has a four-legged friend, Columbia DogPark is the perfect recreation area, featuring separate areas for small and large dogs.

Tot lots by village (locations are approximate, based on nearby streets or landmarks):

Dorsey Hall Neighborhood Center
Eagles Wing Court
Gray Rock Drive
Bright Bay Way
Manorhill Lane

Phelps Luck Neighborhood Center
Halflight Garth
Thurso Court
Besthold Garth
Jackson Pond
Blue Pool
Locust Park Neighborhood Center
Goldamber Garth
Long Reach Village Center
Cooperhawk Court
Hayshed Lane
Jeffers Hill (near Brunners Run Court and Old Montgomery Road)
Footed Ridge
Tamar Drive
Stonecutter Road
Oak Brush Terrace
Good Hunters Ride
Bird Race
Tree Top Circle
April Brook Circle
Starburn Path
Sea Water Path

Moving Water Lane
Murray Hill Drive
West Window Way
Deep Smoke
Corntassel Court
Sea Shadow
Lady Bug Row
Keepsake Way
White Spring Way
Indigo Court
Many Flower Lane
Wild Grass Court
Huntington East (near Cipher Row)
Midas Touch
New Grace Mews
Broadcloth Way
First League
Kindler Road
Second Time Lane
Wayover Way
Cape Ann Drive
Shaker Drive
Goodin Circle
Deer Chase
Fair Beauty
Cotton Mill Lane
Rawhide Ridge
Macgills Common Pool
Blue Sea Drive

College Square
Hawthorn Neighborhood Center
Bright Plume
Cricket Pass
Golden Hook
Sebring Drive
Crossbeam Circle
Sixpence Circle
Red Keel
Harpoon Hill
Buttonhole Court
Great News Lane
Dovecote Drive
Pyramid Way
White Cord Way
Clary’s Forest play meadow
Lightfall Court
Triangle Drive
Harmel Drive
Iron Frame Way

Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club
Ravenhill Row
Hildebrand Court
Fall River Terrace A
Fall River Terrace B
Columbia Athletic Club
Fallriver Row Court
Longfellow Neighborhood Center A
Longfellow Neighborhood Center B
Harvest Moon Lane
Broken Oak Lane
Beatrice Way
Waverly Winds
Swansfield Neighborhood Center
Millbank Row
Ranleagh Court A
Ranleagh Court B

Grapewine Court
Orchard Green
Thunder Hill Neighborhood Center
Delphinium Court
April Wind Court
Hound Hill Court
Bluecoat Lane
Mirrorlight Place
Wandering Way
Caboose Court
Camelback Lane
Gatsby Green
Offshore Green
Stevens Forest Neighborhood Center
Pamplona Road
Pastora Place
Castile Court
Macomber Lane

Fairmead Lane
Rising Moon
Barefoot Boy
Sandchain Road
Wishing Bridge
Owen Brown Community Center
Bendbough Court
Seedling Lane
Smooth Path
Angelina Circle
Star Path
Lake Elkhorn Park
Rustling Leaf
Brush Run
Deer Pasture Drive
Windbell Way
Quick Fox
Silver Sod
Supreme Sports Club
Gentle Shade
Calm Sunset

Vantage Point Park
Wyndham Circle
Cloudy April Way

Snowy Reach
Homecoming Lane
Running Brook Neighborhood Center
Wilde Lake Barn
Rivulet Row
Bryant Woods Neighborhood Center
Rain Dream Hill
August Light Court
Faulkner Ridge Neighborhood Center
Wilde Lake Village Center
Open Sky