Indoor Swim Lessons

Registration for swim lessons is open and ongoing and can be done online via the green button above. For more information or registration assistance, please call 410-312-6332.

Columbia Association is committed to providing quality swim lessons for all ages in our community. CA has an one-on-one lesson program and a leveled swimming lesson program.

Click on the green button (see above) for the location you want to view lessons, schedule of classes and to register online.

  • Columbia Gym: Mon & Wed: 6:30-8:30pm: Sun: 11am-1:30pm
  • Columbia Swim Center: Tue & Thu: 6:30-8:30pm: Sat: 9am-1pm 

Session Dates:

In regular sessions, classes meet once per week for six weeks. For the Mini Sessions, classes meet once per week for three weeks.

Registration is now open and ongoing. Registration can be done online via the green button above.

  • Fall Mini Session 1: September 10-September 30 (Columbia Gym only)
  • Fall Session 1: October 8-November 18
  • Fall Mini Session 2: November 26-December 16
  • Winter Session 2: January 7-February 17
  • Spring Session 3: February 25-April 7
  • Spring Mini Session 3: April 22-May 12
  • Spring Mini Session 4: May 20-June 20 (no class on May 27)

Little Ones and Me:Parent/caregiver participation required. This is class is geared toward children ages 6 months to 3 years with a parent/caregiver in the water.This class is about water discovery and adjustment, safety and the basics of swimming, including relaxing on the belly and back and getting the head and face wet. These skills are introduced through a series of songs, games and interactive activities.

Bronze/Level 1:For ages 3-5 years old. This is a true introductory class based around water safety and introducing the basics of swimming freestyle and water adjustment. Through a series of games and songs, students will work on skills such as freestyle arms, leg movement, floating, retrieving things from under the water, blowing bubbles and jumping into water over their head with assistance.

Silver/Level 2: For children ages 5-12 years old who cannot swim a coordinated stroke but are comfortable in the water without a parent or caregiver. This introductory class starts with the basics of water safety, freestyle and floating, and wraps up with an understanding of backstroke, side breathing and streamline glides.

Gold/Level 3: For swimmers ages 5-12 years old who are able to go under the water,, are working on side breathing, and can swim a minimum of five yards unassisted. This class focuses on technique for both freestyle and backstroke, allowing for the development of distance and comfort on their own in the water. Topics covered in this class are side breathing, treading water, backstroke, freestyle, streamlined glides and jumping in the water where they cannot touch, without assistance.

Diamond/Level 4: For swimmers who can swim a coordinated stroke for 10 or more yards unassisted. This class focuses on the technique of breaststroke and introduction to diving and flip turns. While working to grow the distance that the swimmer can do their two basic strokes, this class works up to swimming an entire lap of the pool without stopping.

Platinum/Level 5: This class is for swimmers who can swim a minimum of 25 yards in freestyle and backstroke without stopping, as well as 10 yards breaststroke unassisted. This class focuses on training for swim leagues for summer or year-round teams, as well as on technique for all four strokes and a clear understanding of butterfly. This class will be run more as a swim team practice with a teacher more often outside of the water, and laps and technique both being used to improve all strokes, starts and turns.

Swim Team Prep and Clippers Prep: For swimmers who can swim all four strokes for 25 yards minimum. Class will focus on improving technique, speed, endurance, starts and turns. This class will be run as a swim league practice with drills, laps and outside-of-the water direction.

Adult Lessons:This 30-minute class is geared toward the true beginner as well as the adult who wishes to improve stroke techniques. Only offered at Columbia Gym.

One-on-One Lessons: Tailored for each individual based on age and goals. These lessons are available in 15-minute increments.

Make-up:  There are no make-up lessons available for summer sessions.

Cancellation: If it’s less then three days prior, or once the session has started a $10 cancellation fee per class will be accessed.

Refund: Columbia Association will refund the entire amount of the Swim Lesson up until three days before the start of the session.