Tennis Program Descriptions

USTA Team Tennis

USTA Team Tennis is a comprehensive program designed to give players the opportunity to compete in matches which sharpens one’s competitive mettle and match play skills.

Adult Instructional and Drill Program

This program offers classes at five different skill levels. Each class meets once per week. The class consists of 45 minutes of instruction and 45 minutes of situational drills. Players are classified using the N.T.R.P scale. The curriculum varies according to level. Click here to learn more. Adult Doubles Match Play League- the doubles match play league program provides weekly competitive doubles match play with partners for participants at different levels. Click here for more info.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high-energy workout. Cardio Tennis includes a warm-up, cardio workout and cool-down phases. It’s a great new way to get in shape, burn calories and have a viable alternative to visiting the fitness center for a cardio workout. Cardio Tennis is recommended to supplement a player’s regular tennis routine. Click here to learn more.

USTA Team Tennis Training

This program provides players with a team-oriented practice with an emphasis on singles and doubles. Through a game-based approach, our coaches add variety while staying focused on their competencies and processes to make players smarter and more effective’

Junior Development and Competition Tennis Program

CA’s Junior Development and Competition Tennis Program is a complete and detailed program that has defined and clear competencies. It includes essential athletic development training, key in all-round development of a tennis player. Through a “Principles” and “Game-Based Approach” the program allows our coaches to help make players smarter and more effective by staying focused on the competencies and processes while adding variety. Click here to learn more.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are designed to work on individual aspects of each player’s tennis game. Areas of focus include Situation Based Training, Tactical and Technical synergy, Mental Toughness and Match Play scenarios with feedback. Lessons may be arranged by contacting the tennis department or the specific professional of your choice:

  • Maury Bozman, USPTA and PTR, Tennis General Manager
  • Bruce Holbrook, USPTA, Head Tennis Professional
  • Lyndall Jordan, PTR
  • Arash Hanif, PTR
  • Wendy Heger, USPTA
  • Maurice Willacy, PTR, Jr. Competition Program Coordinator
  • Arun Pant, PTR, Tennis Events Coordinator
  • Sheila Bishoff, PTR
  • Elyse Fenton, USPTA
  • David Donn, PTR
  • Chris Robinson, PTR
  • Norma Baker, PTR

Tennis Lesson Rates (All rates are hourly effective August 22, 2016)

 CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play, and Golf Fit&Play membersColumbia Cardholders and non-members
1 hour, private$73$78
45 minutes, private$55$60
30 minutes, private$43$48
semi-private$43 per person$48 per person
Group of three$33 per person (one hour)$38 per person (one hour)
$49 per person (90 minutes)$56.50 per person (90 minutes)
$65 per person (two hours)$75 per person (two hours)
Group of four$28 per person (one hour)$33 per person (one hour)
$41.50 per person (90 minutes)$49 per person (90 minutes)
$55 per person (two hours)$63 per person (two hours)
Group of five (or more)$25 per person (one hour)$30 per person (one hour)
$37 per person (90 minutes)$44.50 per person (90 minutes)
$49 per person (two hours)$59 per person (two hours)

USTA Team Tennis Training — 90 minutes, for five or six players per court

Available at Owen Brown Tennis Club and Columbia Athletic Club Indoor Tennis. Please call 410-720-0149 for more information.

  • CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play and Golf Fit&Play members: $37 per player
  • Other CA Members: $38 per player
  • Columbia Cardholders: $39 per player
  • Non-members: $40 per player

Lessons not canceled 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled lesson time will be charged.

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