2.1-2.5Advanced BeginnerLearning to keep the ball in play, but needs to improve court positioning and consistency.
2.6-3.0Lower IntermediateCan play singles and doubles, but needs to improve net play and basic tactics.
3.1-3.5IntermediateHas dependable strokes, but lacks depth and variety, and lacks consistency when trying for power.
3.6-4.0Advanced IntermediateDeveloping the use of lobs, overheads, approach shots and volleys, and is seldom out of position in singles and doubles.
4.1-4.5AdvancedHas begun to hit with power, spin, depth and control and can move into a net position with some success in singles and doubles.

Columbia Athletic Club

Monday 9-10:30am
Sunday 10:30am-noon

Long Reach Tennis Club

Monday 9-10:30am
Monday 1-2:30pm
Tuesday 7-8:30pm
Friday 9-10:30am
Saturday 10-11:30am
Monday 10:30am-noon
Tuesday 11am-12:30pm
Tuesday 6:30-8pm
Thursday 10:30am-noon
Saturday 10-11:30am
Tuesday 12:30-2pm
Wednesday 6:30-8pm
Saturday 9-10:30am
Sunday 10:30am-noon
Wednesday 12:30-2pm
Saturday 1-2:30pm

Winter/Spring 2019 Program Registration Information

Each session runs for 10 weeks.

Session OneJanuary 28-April 7
Session TwoApril 8-June 16*

*No class April 21 (Easter) and May 27 (Memorial Day)

CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play, and Golf Fit&Play members 90 minutes$413
Other CA members 90 minutes$458
Columbia Cardholders 90 minutes$488
Non-members 90 minutes$518