Looking for a great way for your kids to spend time being active when schools are closed? CA’s Junior Tennis program is offering “School’s Out Tennis”! 

The one-day workouts will focus on situational training, technical refinement and match play in a safe environment. 

The program will be held at Long Reach Tennis Club (6180 Old Dobbin Lane) from 9am-noon on the dates listed below. For more information or to register (required), please call 410-423-4120.



Wednesday, 23

Tuesday, 29

Monday, 18

Wednesday, 30

Thursday, 31



Friday, 12

Monday, 15

Friday, April 2

Monday, April 5

Tuesday, April 6


Thursday, May 13

CA Fit&Play, Play, 5Day Golf&Play, Golf Fit&Play Members $87/day
Other CA members $96/day
Columbia Cardholders $102/day
Non-members $108/day