7 ways to shake up your workout routine with these

January 26, 2018

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By Tripp Laino, February 2018

It’s February, and while you’re still passionate about your New Year’s resolution to get fit or drop a few pounds, you might be in need of mixing up your routine before it gets too, well, routine.

Lucky for you, CA is always coming up with new, fun ways to exercise and keep those workout doldrums at bay. Below, check out seven great options to mix things up if you find your current regimen getting stale. Sign up for group fitness classes at ColumbiaAssociation.org/groupfitness or visit your favorite fitness club.

  1. BOGAFit Aqua Floating FITMAT® This class is brand new, and the only place in Howard County that you can try it is at CA! BOGAFit combines yoga and toning on an aqua balance board to help improve your balance, increase your flexibility, build strength, and improve coordination.

The BOGAFit Aqua Floating FITMAT is not your average floating mat. It’s the same technology used in Olympic training for gymnasts, providing superior durability and stiffness to maximize performance. The platform adds a unique core body workout by creating controlled instability. Offered at Columbia Swim Center; fee for all members.

  1. Cardio Hula Hoop — Indulge your inner child and burn calories while strengthening your entire body using hula hoops. Who knew this childhood pastime could be such a workout? You’ll learn basic techniques in this 45-minute class offered at Supreme Sports Club. Fee for all members; classes run in sessions.
  1. CORE DE FORCE® LIVE — A new, empowering, core-focused workout inspired by the highest-octane sport in the world — mixed martial arts. This workout combines authentic boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai moves, explosive power moves and interval training that all engage your core, so you get in shape incredibly fast! This class is offered at Columbia Athletic Club. Free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Columbia Athletic Club only) and Golf Fit&Play members.
  1. Haven on the Lake Roll ‘n’ Release Roll to release your stress! This class includes self-massage, foam rolling, use of T Sphere® balls, and techniques for deep relaxation. Free for Haven Revive members; fee for all others.
  1. MyRide®+ — The world’s most advanced experience in group indoor cycling, with instructors leading classes that have you travel via the use of high definition forward-motion video, all with music helping push you through your journey. This class is held in 30-, 45-, 60- or 75-minute sessions at Supreme Sports Club, which means you can easily fit this cycling class into your schedule. CA Fit&Play and Golf Fit&Play members can preregister. Former Package Plan members and 1Fit members can drop in on a space-available basis. Front desk check-in is required five minutes before class. Free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Supreme Sports Club only) and Golf Fit&Play members.
  1. Rhythm Rumble Workout — An explosive cardio and strengthening exercise system that combines the African-Brazilian martial art Capoeira and dance into a full-body workout. Rhythm Rumble Stix are used and provided. Drop-in for all members. Free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Columbia Athletic Club only) and Golf Fit&Play members.
  1. Tai Chi Sword — Develops a higher awareness of the tai chi principle of unified movement. The sword emphasizes the sword and body in unity. This 55-minute class is offered at Columbia Gym and is open to all members. Check-in at front desk is required five minutes before class. Free for CA Fit&Play, 1Fit (Columbia Gym only) and Golf Fit&Play members.

Questions about any of these classes? Email Group.Fitness@ColumbiaAssociation.org for additional information. Not a Haven member? Call Haven on the Lake at 410-715-3020 for further details.

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