What is BOGAFit? – Jan. 2018

January 5, 2018

Try CA’s new full-body workout, which combines yoga, Pilates and core exercises while balancing on the water.

By Tripp Laino, January 2018

While I’ve tried a standup paddleboard a couple of times, I wouldn’t call myself an expert. And though I’m generally game for any fitness endeavor, I have very little yoga or Pilates experience.

So it would be an understatement to say I was a little apprehensive approaching my first try at BOGAFit, CA’s newest fitness class option. The BOGAFit classes combine yoga and Pilates, plus core workout moves that engage your abs. It includes functional training and functional movement, similar to a toning workout.

There was no need for me to worry. The class is fun and easy while still offering a great workout.

The boards, which are approximately 3 feet by 8 feet, offer a great platform that’s simple to stabilize after a brief adjustment period. And all the minor muscle movements mean you’re constantly engaging your core. It may not seem obvious during the class, but my sore abs afterward were proof enough.

“Not only are you working your entire body, but your core has to fire up and stabilize,” said Megan Cooperman, CA’s assistant director of group fitness. “Being on water makes your body work even harder; on land, you’d have full stability and balance and get less of a workout.”

CA is the only place in Howard County where you can try BOGAFit. Developed by combining the best aspects of key proven core movements from gymnastics, yoga and boot camp-type

workouts, BOGAFit is a good high-energy, low-impact fitness program for all levels, regardless of experience.

“It’s not high-impact, but it’s a good workout because you’re constantly making minor adjustments to stay stable on the board,” Cooperman said. “Don’t be scared off by that, though. BOGAFit is a workout that can be tailored to any fitness level.”

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s easy to stay relatively dry when participating.

“It’s hard to fall in — really hard,” Cooperman said. “There are advanced moves you could try, but you don’t have to try them. We won’t push someone to try something that could make them fall in!”

Give it a try!

Classes are offered at Columbia Swim Center (10400 Cross Fox Lane in the Wilde Lake Village Center) during the winter months:


The special introductory prices are $99 for CA members and $129 for non-members for six classes. The per-class price is $16.50 for CA members and $21.50 for non-members. Drop-ins are welcome on a space-available basis only. Registration is available online at ColumbiaAssociation.org/groupfitness or by calling 410-730-7000.

Three sessions will be held: Session 1 is Tuesday, Jan. 2 through Monday, Feb. 12; Session 2 is Tuesday, Feb. 20 through Monday, April 9 (no classes Saturday, March 31 through Friday, April 6); and Session 3 is Monday, April 16 through Sunday, June 3 (no classes Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28).

For more information, email Group.Fitness@ColumbiaAssociation.org. A private group rate for a

one-time special group class is also available – you book it, recruit your friends and we provide the instructor and class! The cost is $210 for seven people.

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