6 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide

November 24, 2020

Let’s be honest: Starting a fitness routine can be equal parts confusing and intimidating.

Whether you’ve fallen into a workout rut or you’re totally new to exercise, it’s hard to know where to begin — or how to navigate all the machines and equipment. 

The beauty of having a personal trainer is that they take all the guesswork out of the equation, which means your only job is to show up for yourself. Beyond that, you gain peace of mind that you’re not wasting your time with ineffective exercises, or, worse, putting yourself at the risk of injury.

While personal trainers can seem just as intimidating as the gym itself, the reality is that they will be your biggest cheerleader. It’s called personal training for a reason: The goal is to propel you toward your personal fitness goals (and no one else’s!) so you can become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself. 

Let’s take a look at the other unrivaled benefits personal trainers have to offer.


One – Safety first

According to Leslie Flynn, Columbia Athletic Club General Manager, the safety aspect is the number one benefit of working with a personal trainer.

“I hear from people all the time that they need to get in shape before coming to the gym, but it’s exactly the opposite,” says Flynn. “It’s so invaluable to receive guidance on proper form and how to use equipment properly. Quality is always better than quantity.”


Two – Achieve your goals faster

A personal trainer will maximize your time at the gym and make sure you’re spending the limited time you have on the most effective workouts for your goals. It’s totally fine if you’re not exactly sure what those goals are — part of their job is to help you find your ‘why,’ which will keep you moving forward in the right direction. 

Need some inspiration for your ‘why’? Consider the fact that exercise helps reverse aging, extend your independence, alleviate stress and anxiety, boost your brain health, strengthen your immune system and make you happier, for starters.

A pre-COVID personal training session at Columbia Athletic Club. Today, masks are worn and social distancing is enforced.

Three – Increased accountability 

When you’re flying solo, it’s all too tempting to skimp on your workouts. But when you have someone on your team rooting for you? That changes things. 

With your personal trainer dedicating their time and energy to creating a personalized workout plan for you, you’re far more likely to stick with it. They’ll push you out of your comfort zone while cheering you on — and that encouragement makes all the difference in helping you follow through on your commitment to fitness.


Four – Create a lifetime of wellness  

By enlisting a personal trainer, you’ve already taken the first step to establishing fitness as a priority. From there, the sky’s the limit — and research shows that regular physical activity not only extends your life expectancy, but boosts your quality of life too. With an educated professional on your side, you gain confidence and a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. The ultimate goal of a personal trainer is to help you grow and become independent. Plus, in these uncertain times, it’s an empowering feeling to know you’re being proactive in taking care of your health. 


Five – Personalized attention

All of us have different bodies, backgrounds, histories, injuries, muscle lengths…the list goes on and on. Personal trainers specialize in offering regressions, modifications that make moves more gentle/accessible, and progressions, which are ways to make the workout more challenging. Ultimately, their wealth of knowledge can help you unlock more effective ways of doing things for your unique body. 


Six – A mental & emotional boost

You likely already know that exercise releases feel-good endorphins, which means a consistent routine with a trainer is essentially setting yourself up for a better mood! Plus, you gain self-confidence and a greater feeling of overall well-being. With lots of variety and new moves to keep your routine fresh, you’re also less likely to get bored and fall into a plateau. 


Personal training at CA

Ready to experience the benefits of personal training yourself? CA has more than 30 qualified trainers across three fitness clubs to provide the motivation, expertise and support you need to safely achieve your goals. 

The first step is to fill out our referral form, which gives our fitness training supervisors background on your goals and preferences so they can find the right fit. Once you fill out the form, either the fitness training supervisor or the personal trainer will contact you to discuss setting up a free consultation.

“There’s nothing random about the way we match clients and trainers,” says Flynn. “It’s all personalized to make the experience as great as possible.”

Learn more about CA’s personal training programs here.


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