How Group Fitness Provides a Mental & Physical Boost

December 2, 2020

In this era of COVID-19, we all need to connect now more than ever. We also need to move our bodies to bolster our immune systems, keep stress in check and stay fit amidst the most sedentary year many of us have ever experienced.

At CA, we offer a wide range of fun group fitness classes to help our community stay connected and active in a safe environment. Here’s just a few perks:

  • They’re community-based, which allows you to make connections with others with like-minded goals
  • They play great music to get you moving and boost your mood
  • They’re planned by professional instructors, so you don’t have to worry if you are getting all the components for a great workout
  • They’re safe, with instructors guiding you on the correct form/technique to be sure you are getting the most out of the experience

“Making new friends, seeing old ones and taking classes together each week allow participants to support each other and to improve or maintain their fitness,” says Vicki Burns, CA’s regional group fitness director. “By being fit, we can fight off illness and improve our health which allows us to better take care of others.”


Perks of working out together

It may sound cliche to say that being part of a “fit fam” provides motivation, inspiration and some much-needed fun, but it’s true. Don’t just take our word for it…below, check out the research-backed evidence that working out in a group really does boost your mental, physical and emotional health. 

Harnesses positive peer pressure. In a group setting, it’s safe to say no one wants to be the weakest link. One study found that working out in a team format not only improved performance, but doubled the workout time of those who exercised alone. 

Boosts your emotional wellbeing. You already know that exercise releases feel-good endorphins that boost your mood. But when you add a social aspect to the mix, research shows you maximize the stress-relieving benefits and improve your quality of life. Between upbeat music and encouragement from others, group fitness classes exude positivity. 

Holds you accountable. Research has found that just feeling like part of a team increases motivation to take on challenging tasks, so not only are you more likely to show up, but you’re more inclined to give it your all. 

Encourages safety. When you’re exercising solo, there’s no one to keep you in check with proper form. In group fitness classes, you benefit from receiving in-person demos of each move and professional guidance on correcting your form. You also get the added perk of valuable guidance from participants who are more experienced, as well as the opportunity to help others who are new. 

Pushes you to dig deeper and push harder. Even if you consider yourself the non-competitive type, research says otherwise. In fact, a study at Kansas State University found that people who exercised with someone they thought was better than them increased their workout time and intensity by no less than 200 percent (!).

Prevents workout plateaus. Group fitness classes are a wonderful way to keep things fresh and exciting. At CA, we have a variety of classes (dance, cardio, HIIT, yoga and so much more), each of which have different instructors with different styles to keep you on your toes. Trying new things keeps you from getting bored with the gym and also works different muscle groups to boost your overall fitness (and confidence!). 


A word on safety

In your pursuit of stress relief, the last thing we want to do is add to your stress regarding safety. That’s why we continue to go above and beyond baseline standards to create an area where you can thrive. Here are just a few of the ways we’re creating the safest possible environment for group fitness participants:

  • Everyone coming into CA facilities is required to wear a mask at all times (except while swimming).  
  • We have new capacity sizes for our group fitness classes to prevent crowds. Pre-registration for certain classes and programs is required.
  • CA team members use contact-free thermometers to check the temperature of every person coming into our facilities.
  • We use hospital-grade electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces throughout our facilities. That’s in addition to regularly cleaning high-touch areas with EPA-approved disinfectant.
  • We maintain at least six feet of physical distance at all times. Certain equipment and lockers are blocked off to make this easy, and we also have clear markers for one-way traffic.
  • Our Airius PureAir fans are constantly killing germs in the air and our HVAC systems are also working overtime to constantly bring fresh air into our facilities. On top of that, the air in each room is filtered about 10 times per hour.

The electrostatic sprayers used for deep sanitation at CA’s fitness clubs

Group fitness fun at CA

Ready to find the right group fitness class for you? Visit our website for class descriptions and group fitness schedules at Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club. We can’t wait to see you!


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