How To Break Out of a Workout Rut

January 5, 2021

Hitting a workout rut is easy enough in normal times, but during these challenging circumstances, it can be increasingly difficult to find our motivation.

It’s totally natural, and even expected, to find yourself in a plateau at one point or another. The best way to break through your mental walls? Look at your “rut” as an exciting opportunity to refresh your routine and try something new.

Here are five creative ways to regain your mojo and kick butt in 2021!

Find an accountability partner

Working out alone can get, well, boring! Plus, with no one there to push you to try harder and go further, you might find yourself throwing in the towel.

Find a friend that’s also in a workout rut, or that is particularly skilled in motivating others, and enlist them as your accountability partner. Pick the days of the week that you’ll work out together, and you’ll be far more inclined to stick to the schedule. After all, nobody likes to flake on their friends, and having someone by your side to power through makes everything more fun.

For the ultimate accountability partner, consider enlisting the help of a personal trainer. They’ll push you out of your comfort zone while cheering you on — and that encouragement makes all the difference in helping you follow through on your commitment to fitness (learn more about CA’s personal training programs).


Incorporate cross-training 

If all you’re doing is hopping on your treadmill every day, you’re likely going to get tired of staring at the TV screen (or worse, a wall!). It’s essential to switch things up to keep your mind engaged and your muscles guessing.

Targeting different muscle groups every day is one way to go. It’s also a way to find yourself in better overall shape. Or, turn your morning runs into a meditative morning yoga class, or vice-versa. Anything that gets your body moving in new ways is a win!


Head to the great outdoors 

If you’ve spent most of your quarantine workouts indoors, it’s time to step outside. In fact, CA personal trainer Darrell Gough says that the abundance of beautiful and convenient pathways is one of the things he loves most about Columbia.

“It’s truly a city designed for an active lifestyle. It’s such a gift to have the pathways and amenities that we do,” said Gough.

Plus, you’ll be surprised by how that daily dose of Vitamin D makes you feel better, even in these dark winter months.


Create a new workout playlist 

Music is the ultimate motivator, so if you’re hitting a workout rut, it’s time to create a powerhouse playlist designed to get you moving.

Better yet, ask a friend to create one for you. If you need new music discoveries or just want a change of pace, a friend can give you both. Anticipating the next song will have you on the track at least three minutes longer than last time!

Here’s a few pump-up jam recommendations from the CA fitness team:

  • “Kiss the Sky” by The Knocks feat. Wylcef Jean
  • “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell
  • “The Vibe” by Fresh Mode ft. FUEG
  • “Feel It Still- Medasin Remix” by Portugal. The Man & Medasin
  • “Back In the Day – Original Mix” by De Hofnar & GoodLuck
  • “6’s to 9’s” by Big Wild ft. Rationale
  • “Purple Hat” by Sofi Tukker

Turn your workout into a game 

It’s time to get playful and reap the benefits! Grab a deck of cards and assign a muscle group to each suite. For example, Hearts is the upper body, and Spades is the core. Every time you flip over a Spade, you have to do a workout for that muscle group. Injecting some playfulness into your exercise routine gets you hyped to keep going and increases motivation!


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