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January 5, 2022

If there’s anything the past two years have taught us, it’s that self-care is essential to showing up as the strongest, healthiest version of ourselves for the people we love. 

At CA, we’re dedicated to helping you find balance as we move forward into 2022. Our mind-body workshops are here to provide deep relaxation and the immune boost that comes with it! Whether you’re interested in yoga, mindfulness or myofascial release, registering for our upcoming workshops is a wonderful way to be proactive about self-care in the New Year. 

To register, visit the front desk at CA’s fitness clubs or call Supreme Sports Club (410-381-5355), or the Columbia Athletic Club (410-730-6744). Contact for more information. 


Postnatal Fitness with Tahis Blue 

Saturday, March 5 (12-1:30pm)

Columbia Athletic Club, Studio 2

This workshop is for moms who have had babies from six months to six years ago and will include exercises and movement patterns that will support you forever! You will learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor after pregnancy and childbirth, and we will practice together. We will also cover the importance of easing back into exercise slowly, the power breathing has on postpartum recovery and overall strength, and tips for returning to fitness classes and training. $60/member, $70/non-member.

Learn more about the benefits of learning about postnatal fitness on our CA Fit blog.


Balance Board Yoga with Ling Hanson + Suangela Abrams 

Saturday, March 5 (1-2pm) with Suangela Abrams

Supreme Sports Club, Yoga Studio

Balance Board Yoga brings a new challenge by changing the surface you practice on. The movement of the board challenges your core, develops balance and coordination and enhances mindfulness. It’s a great way to enjoy the fun of fitness! Some flow yoga experience is helpful. $25/member, $30/non-member.

Learn more about the benefits you’ll gain from these workshops on our CA Fit blog.


Foam Rolling for Muscular Health with Bonnie Pace 

Saturday, March 12 (12-12:45pm)

Columbia Athletic Club, Studio 1

If you’ve ever wondered how to properly use foam tubes, or why it can make a difference to your workouts, this workshop is for you! Join fitness instructor Bonnie Pace for an overview of why you might want to add these tools to your routine, and how to get myofascial release (similar to a massage) every time you work out. Come prepared to lay on the floor and roll out your muscles! $20/member, $25/non-member.


Body, Breath and Mindfulness with Beth Evans 

Coming Back Soon

Body, Breath & Mindfulness is a special 90-minute workshop based in yoga movement, breathwork and meditation practices that will help you relax, focus and improve your overall health and energy levels. Learn how to use breathing and meditation techniques to overcome the feelings of being tired, anxious, or overwhelmed. Easy to learn and incorporate into your life, Body, Breath & Mindfulness is a great starting place for someone interested in yoga or an experienced yogi wanting to deepen their practice. $35/member, $40/non-member.

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