The Unique Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

May 28, 2021

Ready to defy gravity? Aerial yoga is a wonderful way to inspire and enhance your regular practice — plus, it’s pretty darn fun to play acrobat for an hour. 


What makes aerial yoga special?

There’s so much more to aerial yoga than Instagram-worthy poses…though those are a nice added bonus. 

Also referred to as anti-gravity yoga, aerial yoga essentially lifts traditional postures off the ground. This temporary relief from gravity is great for your joints. The aerial hammocks support your body and empower you to take on more challenging poses without strain, force or effort. This helps you achieve proper alignment, deeper stretches and more release in the joints and muscle fibers. 

Side note: The word “support” is no exaggeration. The silks are able to hold up to 1,000 pounds, so we promise you’re not going anywhere! 

Playing around in the silks is equally beneficial for your stress levels. Plus, hanging upside down improves your circulation and combats brain fog by boosting the brain’s oxygen levels.

Beyond helping to keep your regular mat practice fresh and exciting, it has big benefits when it comes to activating your core. It targets smaller muscles in the body as well as the core muscles, which allows you to have a stronger foundation on the mat. It also builds the upper body, enabling smoother transitions through your practice.

Perhaps the best part of aerial yoga is the floating savasana, where you’re cocooned in a hammock as you gently swing from side to side. 

Pro tip? It’s best to wear pants and sleeves, since the pressure of the silk can be intense against the skin. You’ll also want to remove jewelry and anything that could snag the silk. 

See you in the silks! 

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