Enjoy This Heart-Pumping Partner Workout For Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2021

Ever heard the saying “The couple who sweats together, stays together”? Well, the science is in: Working out with your significant other is great for your health and the health of your relationship.

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, here’s just a few reasons that couple workouts are so beneficial…

  • It keeps the honeymoon period alive! Research shows that physical activity that gets both partners up and moving reignites passion and satisfaction with the relationship.
  • Exercise relieves stress and tension, pumping up your feel-good endorphins instead…which means you’re less likely to lash out at each other. Because it’s a joint effort, exercise deepens your bond and makes you feel more connected.
  • There’s a positive domino effect on your physical health, since couples tend to adopt each other’s habits. Cheering each other on boosts your mental and emotional health, too, and helps you lift each other up.
  • Exercisers are more likely to push themselves when working together with a partner, as opposed to simply exercising at the same time. Hello fitness gains!
  • It’s quality time that helps bring some playfulness back to your relationship, plus some healthy competitive flirting.

The bottom line is, a shared goal brings you closer. This Valentine’s Day, CA personal trainer Andy Guerin challenges you to complete this heart-pumping, full-body workout with your sweetheart! Check out Chelsea and Joel Bork demo each move below (and have lots of laughs along the way!).

Squat hold back to back with medicine ball pass

30 seconds of passing a medicine ball, and then alternate sides.

Lateral lunge band press

Hold a resistance band taut, and then lunge to the side. 30 seconds on each side. This is a great anti-rotation exercise to work the lateral core and build stability while targeting the legs, glutes and arms too.

Partner pistol squats

10 pistol squats each (5 on each side). If these feel too challenging, alternate turns doing the pistol squat and have one partner remain upright at a time to provide support. Great move for building unilateral stability, balance and booty gains!

Mountain climbers & pushups 

One partner does 15 pushups while the other does mountain climbers (keep your core engaged and your back straight as you bring each knee forward). Then switch!

Kettlebell swings & burpees

One partner does 10 burpees while the other does kettlebell swings…then switch!

Plank alternating clap

Get in high plank position, facing your partner. Then clap hands 20 times, keeping the hips level in your plank.

Band crunch

20 crunches, keeping your lower back flat to the ground. The standing partner has various options: They can take a bicep curl, squat or band row. Then switch!

Side plank – push hands

Take a side forearm plank and push against each other’s hands to create resistance. 10 seconds on each side.

Side plank band raise and hold

Take a side forearm plank, facing each other. 10 second hold on each side with the resistance band. The further apart you and your partner are, the more challenging it is.

Stability ball foot crunches

Take a crunch position facing each other, with a medicine ball held up by the support of your feet. 30 seconds on both sides. Don’t let that ball drop!

Floor hands to feet pass

Both partners lie on their backs with heads together. Pass the medicine ball back and forth for 30 seconds. For some extra humor, try to pass with your feet!

Partner palloff press

10 second hold, then switch sides. To up the intensity, try this move on one leg.

Resistance band straight crawl

Put the resistance band across both of your hips. Crawl five steps away from each other, keeping the knees lifted off the floor; then come back so your heels touch. You will feel this in the quads and core!

Resistance band sprints

Keep those knees high. Each partner does a 30 second sprint against the resistance of the band.

Congratulations on getting in an awesome workout! Make sure to cool down with some static stretching. Here’s a few quick ideas for your coupled-up cool-down:

  • Forward fold: Stand back to back, with a few inches in between both of you. Inhale as you reach your arms up over your head. Exhale as you fold forward at the hips, and reach your arms behind you to grasp each other’s arms. Hold for five breaths, and repeat three times.
  • Straddle and pull: Sit on the floor and spread your legs wide so that the soles of your feet touch your partner’s feet. Alternate turns slowly pulling each other forward for a deep stretch in the hamstrings and lower back. Hold for 10 seconds each.
  • Standing figure-4 hip stretch: Stand facing your partner. Reach forward and grasp their wrists or forearms. Lift your left foot off the floor and place your left ankle across your right thigh (it will make a “4” shape, hence the name). Sit your hips backwards, bending your supporting knee to find yourself in a modified squat. This is great for stretching the hips and glutes. Hold for five seconds on each side.

Want an extra challenge?

For those couples who like to push it to the limit, here are two bonus moves to try.

Wheelbarrow pushups

How many can you do in 30 seconds?

Squat hold

Feel the burn!

Strengthen your relationship at CA

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