Life Lessons Golf Teaches You

December 30, 2020

“In golf as in life, it is the follow-through that makes the difference.” 

When it comes to golf, we could wax poetic on the beauty of the game for days. The best part is, the benefits don’t end once you step off the greens. 

No matter your age or level of experience, golf teaches valuable lessons that enrich your everyday life. Here’s just a few…

Aim for your target with patience 

With 18 holes in a round, big-picture thinking is non-negotiable for golfers. At the same time, your putt makes up 40% of your score, so you learn that each small swing takes you closer to your goal. Golf teaches you persistence and patience as you work towards your target a virtue in short supply in our culture of instant gratification. 


Presence will get you far 

Often, your best golf performance comes when you’re totally absorbed in the present. The same is true for most things in life. Golf nudges you to lean into the moment, no matter what you’re doing, with the awareness that doing so will maximize your experience big-time. 


Handle setbacks with grace

No matter how advanced you are, it’s inevitable that you’ll face challenges, pressure and doubt. You’ll encounter rain, wind, sand traps, competitors that give you a run for your money and just plain old bad days.

Golf teaches you that it’s not your setbacks that define you — it’s how you bounce back that matters. Learning to handle disappointments and hard moments off the course with grace helps you get ahead in life, too. 


Comfort with silence

While golf is uniquely conducive to meaningful conversations, it’s also a game where you can enjoy a rare moment of peace. While our society tends to shrink away from silence, golfers learn how to focus, concentrate and grow in the quiet moments. 

This skill benefits not just your technique, but your relationships and business negotiations as well. And for young golfers especially, it’s invaluable for learning constraint and maturity.


Integrity and respect are everything in life

Golf is a complex game where the unwritten rules are every bit as important as the “official” ones. Learning to treat other players with respect, even with actions as simple as waiting your turn, has an incredible impact in shaping your character off the course. Cooperation, integrity, teamwork and humility are all important traits nurtured on the greens. 


You can overcome your nerves

It’s natural to feel a little jittery at the first tee. In fact, it shows you truly care about the game, which is great. Every time you step up and swing despite your nerves, your confidence grows. Learning resilience and self-regulation under stress can help you tackle anything that life throws your way.


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