Life Lessons Your Child Learns from Golf

January 12, 2022

Golf has always been an ace for children’s physical and mental development. In these isolating times, the benefits are even greater — the game of golf provides fresh air, stress relief and a safe social outlet. Did we mention some much-needed fun?

The best part is, the benefits don’t end once your child steps off the greens. Here are just a few valuable lessons that golf teaches kids of all ages.

Aim for your target with patience 

Golf is not exactly a fast-paced game. In our culture of instant gratification, golf is invaluable for teaching kids persistence and patience as they work towards their target.


Focus will get you far 

Focus can be tough to come by for all of us, which is why the meditative quality of golf is so special. While our society tends to shrink away from silence, young golfers learn how to focus, concentrate and grow in the quiet moments. It also teaches kids restraint and maturity.


Handle setbacks with grace

If there’s one guarantee in golf, it’s that you’ll face challenges and pressure, whether it’s rainy weather, a tough competitor or just a plain bad day.

Golf teaches kids that their setbacks don’t define them — it’s how they bounce back that matters. Learning to handle disappointments and hard moments on the course pays off big time in the “real world.”


Integrity is important

Golf is a complex game where the unwritten rules are every bit as important as the “official” ones. From learning to treat other players with respect to simple actions like waiting your turn, it has an incredible impact in shaping kids’ character. Cooperation, integrity, teamwork and humility are all important traits nurtured on the greens.


You can overcome your nerves 

It’s natural for kids to feel a little jittery at the first tee. Every time they step up and swing despite their nerves, it builds their confidence. Learning resilience and self-regulation under stress can help empower kids to tackle anything that life throws at them.


Introduce your kids to golf at CA

As a parent, one of the best things you can do is introduce your kids to the game of golf. It provides a social outlet that can be enjoyed for years to come, as well as a break from screen time and opportunity to relieve stress in a green, serene setting. In addition, golf provides a great low-intensity workout for your child’s growing body. Your little one will build muscle, core strength, coordination and body awareness.

At CA, our PGA- and LPGA- certified professionals are passionate about teaching kids the fundamentals of golf to inspire a lifetime love for the game. Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club and Fairway Hills Golf Club both offer player development programs, as well as private and group lessons. Check out our website to learn more!


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