Tips For Hitting a Driver

September 9, 2021

As the longest club with the largest head, it’s easy to see why the driver is so popular: It’s an amazing ally for helping you gain the most distance.

Whlle “the big stick” is well-loved, it can also be tricky to hit consistently. It has much less loft than the other clubs, and a longer shaft means the potential for bigger misses. Of course, this also means an unparalleled rush when you hit a big drive…so honing your driver skills is well worth it in our opinion! To help you hit this club with power and confidence, Don VanDeusen, assistant general manager at Fairway Hills Golf Club, shared some of his top tips.


How to hit a driver

The good news is, hitting a driver doesn’t require you to learn a whole new swing. The main key is in the set-up.

According to VanDeusen, it’s important to make sure you tee the ball up high enough to help you hit the top part of the clubface. The ball should be positioned in front of your stance, instead of in the middle of your stance. With a driver, you hit UP on the ball at impact (not down, as you would with an iron). You’ll also benefit from a slightly wider stance to stabilize and balance you.

Below, VanDeusen demos how to set up the swing.

VanDeusen also recommended four drills that are helpful to try before launching into a full swing, since starting small helps you find your rhythm and loosen up.

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