Winter Conditioning to Benefit Your Golf Game

January 6, 2021

It might seem tempting to use the cold, winter months to hibernate and take a break from thinking about your golf game. But we’ve got a secret for you — this is the perfect time to strengthen your body and crush the competition when you get back on the course. 

Many golfers overlook strength training and conditioning, opting instead to work on their swing. But the truth is, you need both.

Over the few hours it takes to hit an 18-hole course, you need stamina, precision and flexibility to keep yourself going. Here are some of the best ways to keep your game strong even when the temperatures take a dip!

Strength & conditioning

According to Golf Digest, the weakest part of a golfer’s body is typically the core. Your core powers everything from your glutes to your shoulders, and is what makes it possible for you to have a powerful swing.

To build up core strength, planks are one of the most foundational and powerful exercises out there. Harvard Medical School even calls them “the gold standard for working your core.” (Learn more on how to do a proper plank on our CA Fit blog).

Planks aren’t the only move you need in your winter regimen. Ideally, you’ll want to alternate the days you work specific muscles. For example, you may train your upper body and core on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and your lower body on Tuesday and Thursday. 

Whether you’re working out on the floor or picking up weights, here are a few moves that can help you reach your golf goals: 


Cardio & endurance

Playing 18 holes is no small feat. Keeping your swing healthy and your mind focused requires endurance. The best way to build endurance is through cardiovascular fitness

Even just 20 minutes of cardio a day can make a big difference in your body. It will strengthen your legs and increase your athletic abilities. These are just a few ways to incorporate cardio into your day:

  • 20-minute HIIT class
  • A brisk jog
  • Jumping rope
  • Taking the stairs



What’s the one thing amateur athletes always forget to do? Stretch!

Stretching loosens stiff muscles and allows for a better range of motion. It’s no surprise that golfers depend on their range of motion for a successful golf game — so why shouldn’t you incorporate flexibility training into your practice?

Ten minutes of stretching after a cardio workout can make a world of difference (check out our CA Fit blog for stretching inspiration). Have more time? Nothing leans out your muscles and enhances flexibility like a yoga class, available in CA’s fitness clubs.

Only have a few minutes? That’s fine too. Focus on these critical areas to prime your muscles for the green.

Stay strong with CA’s fitness clubs

A winter fitness regimen is essential for springtime success on the green. To take your conditioning up a notch, consider taking advantage of CA’s three state-of-the-art fitness clubs. Learn more on our website!

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