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January 5, 2018


These classes and programs are good starting points for beginners who want to get fit

By David Greisman, January 2018

Going to the gym for the first time — or returning there for the first time in a long time — can be intimidating.

We want to help you be successful along your journey.

That’s why Columbia Association helps beginners at Columbia Athletic Club, Columbia Gym and Supreme Sports Club.

Any staff member will help you find an answer to your questions about strength and cardio equipment. And if you’re new to a group fitness class, arrive early and introduce yourself to the instructor and let them know it is your first class. The instructor will give you an overview of the class and help you set up any equipment required.

Here are some classes that are a good fit for beginners. For a complete schedule of all of CA’s group fitness classes,

Weight Training

Build Your Bones focuses on basic weight training that helps your health and bone strength. This class was created for people who are new to weight training and/or are active older adults. Build Your Bones focuses on muscular strength and endurance in a slower manner, allowing you to work on your form and technique — getting the best workout possible.

Relax, Stretch and Strengthen

Yoga 1 is for beginners and focuses on basic moves and the principles and foundations of yoga. It gives members a chance to get used to the positions and hold them longer than in other classes.

Restorative Yoga uses breath work, meditation and gentle stretching to invite you into quiet reflection and deep relaxation.

QiGong is a less complex form of tai chi that is appropriate for all fitness levels, toning your muscles and relaxing your nerves without overtaxing your heart or joints.

Get Your Heartbeat Going

These classes are for every level of fitness but focus on basic movements to increase overall health and muscular strength and endurance.

LaBlast® is an exciting, fun, partner-free dance fitness class that burns calories and fat and sculpts muscles while learning ballroom dance moves.

Cardio Dance Party is a dance fitness class with easy, fun moves set to a variety of songs. Enjoy a wide range of dance styles and music, including hip-hop, pop, Latin, disco and more, depending on the instructor.

Cardio Tone mixes cardio, strength training and core work using weights, balls and/or resistance bands. This class may also include interval workouts.

Pedal to the Metal

Studio Cycling offers a 45-minute class that will guide you through hills, flats, intervals and endurance work while being pushed forward by motivating music and your instructor. There are also 60- and 75-minute classes available. We also suggest MyStart, a 15-minute intro cycle class held before the 45-minute sessions.

Water Soothes and Shapes

All of CA’s aqua classes provide the full resistance of water, which also happens to be good for your joints. And no one can see what you’re doing below the water, so don’t worry if you miss a move.

Aqua Arthritis has gentle exercises to help decrease pain and stiffness. Aqua Arthritis Plus adds an increased endurance phase.

Aqua Fitness works on cardio, flexibility and muscle conditioning in shallow water.

Aqua Zumba® has all the fun of Zumba, but brings the intensity of the dance movements into the support and resistance of water.

Deep Water Fitness takes you to the deep end of the pool for exercises that improve your strength, endurance and range of motion. Flotation belts are available.

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