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July 25, 2016

CA’s golf, tennis pros help teach the finer points of their sports

By Tripp Laino

Wanting to improve your play on the court or course is a natural desire — and CA’s pros are here to help you reach your goal. CA has teams of certified golf and tennis experts with the knowledge and experience to assist you, whether you want to refine your game or are playing for the first time.

“CA is an organization that prides itself on bringing in the best talent we can find to help members improve their games,” said Dan Burns, CA’s director of sport and fitness. “Our pro staff is knowledgeable, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for our members.”

Maury Bozman, CA’s general manager of tennis, has been playing the game since he was 11. He went from competing in high school to receiving an athletic scholarship at Elon University in North Carolina and moved into coaching after college.

“That’s when I was introduced to sharing the love of the game with others,” Bozman said. “I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit. Both of my parents were educators in the university and elementary school fields, so coaching or teaching was a big part of my roots.”

Though their sports are different, Paul Maurer, an assistant golf professional and PGA apprentice at CA’s Fairway Hills Golf Club, shares a similar love of teaching.

“The most rewarding thing is getting emails or text messages from people saying ‘I shot my best round ever’ or ‘I did this — I couldn’t do it without you,’ ” Maurer said. “It’s their work that got them there, but when you hear things like that, it makes it worthwhile.”

Maurer found his love of golf through his grandfather Frank Lupashunski, a former Howard High School teacher who coached Hobbit’s Glen Golf Club General Manager Joan Lovelace when she was in high school.

His grandfather would take Maurer and his brothers to the driving range at Fairway Hills to practice, but the boys also trained at home.

“We cut a one-hole course across my parent’s backyard and into the neighbor’s yard — my short game got pretty good,” Maurer said with a laugh. “I used to volunteer to mow the yard and cut the green.”

Their sport have come a long way since their youth.

Maurer said he enjoys the ever-evolving nature of learning golf, as there’s always room to improve a player’s game.

“There’s always new information coming out or recycled information,” Maurer said. “It’s a game that can never be mastered; you’re always learning something new whether teaching or learning yourself.”

Bozman echoed similar sentiment about teaching the game of tennis.

“It’s a sport of problem solving: assessing your strengths, assessing someone else’s weaknesses or opportunities and putting together a plan to challenge the opposition,” he said. “You also have to balance your own game, so if you’re making errors you figure out how to fix those or correct those. That’s something I really enjoy about coaching, sharing some of the nuances on how to self-correct and how to problem solve.”

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