Personal Training Couple Testimonial by Steven Lewis

February 14, 2017

When I first started going to the Columbia Athletic Club, it was for the same reason as most men — I wanted to become cut and fit, to recreate myself — and the process started at the gym. The transformation began after about two months. I had started to make gains, both physical and mental, and was achieving personal goals. One morning as I was warming up on the StairMaster, I noticed a woman with long black hair and a pink sweater tied around her waist. Our eyes caught for a brief moment, but that was it.

Two days later, as I was walking out of the boxing studio, there Rocio was standing before me smiling as we locked eyes again. I couldn’t help but notice how soulful her smile was. I was working out every day thinking about her, and looking at my own eyes in the mirror catching flashbacks of our eye contact. I couldn’t believe it — I hadn’t had a crush in years.

Once we got past an awkward introduction, we found out that we had more in common than just the gym and fitness. But those two components help create the foundation for our relationship. Slowly but surely things started to change. I was staying later and she was coming earlier so we could work out together. I introduced her to my world of weights, boxing and insanity, while she showed me cardio, jogging, stretching, nutrition and diet.

Working out as a couple adds many elements to your relationship: healthy competition, a strong support system, along with fitness goals that can enhance your love life. I can’t speak for every couple, but for us, sharing that connection of fitness has blossomed into a thriving relationship that I hope will continue to move forward. Working out with your significant other, making gains and wanting to look good for one another, is a blissful feeling.

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