Stay Cool and Fit in the Pool

July 6, 2018

Stay Cool and Fit in the Pool

Although many think of summer as a time to relax and unwind outside by the pool, you should remember that the pool is also a great place to get in a nice workout — and you don’t have to swim laps to take advantage of it!

While you’re hanging out with your family or friends, jump in the water to take advantage of its 360 degrees of resistance for a great summertime workout. At any body of water you visit, even the beach or lake, all it takes is a few minutes to do these recommended shallow aqua fitness moves, shown by CA group fitness instructor Kim Zanski, to make a difference! See Kim’s workout instructions below.

These moves can be done in any body of water and will help you strengthen, tone and stay healthy. Repeat each move for 10-20 repetitions in three rounds per move for best results.

Knee Tap Warm-Up

Stand tall with your arms out wide and abs engaged (think belly button to your back). Tap your knees with your arms in front of your body, followed by tapping underneath/behind your knees.

Increase momentum and turn it into a full tuck, with both knees coming up at the same time.

Jumping Jacks (with or without a noodle)

Open your arms and legs out wide. Hold your hands in cups or spread webbed claws. Bring your feet and hands together. Increase momentum and add a bounce (remember, the water cushions your joints, and you are only 30% of your body weight in shallow water, so you can increase intensity safely and easily).

Turn this into a full jack tuck-in, with legs lifting off the pool bottom and fully coming together as if you are floating. Optional: Add a noodle, squeezing it in front or back.

Tae Bo Kicks (with or without a noodle)

Your leg starts out directly in front of you with your knee soft. Kick the leg out from the hip and knee joint with full extension.

Repeat this movement, changing the direction of the leg out to the side or directly behind you (with or without a noodle for added resistance).

Do 12 in front, then 12 to the side on one leg before you switch sides. Want to increase intensity? Add a bounce on the standing leg while you do it.

Cross Country Skis

Alternate arms and legs in front and back as if you are cross country skiing.

Add momentum and push off the pool floor. Want to make it harder and engage your core? Add a full tuck between the leg coming forward.

Single or Double Leg Wall Taps (holding the wall)

Begin facing the wall. Tap one leg in front, engaging your core and scooping your abs. To make it harder, use both legs as you push off the pool bottom and toe tap the wall in front of you (make sure you hold onto the side of the pool). If you want more of a challenge, don’t let your feet touch the pool bottom for the entire set!

Do the same thing facing sideways with one hand holding the pool wall — the leg closest to the pool wall taps the pool wall (make sure your leg is diagonal to your side).

To make it harder, both legs come up and squeeze tight (knees bent) as you tap the wall diagonal.

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