Elevate Your Doubles Game with Partner Warmups

March 29, 2021

When it comes to doubles, there’s few better advantages than being in sync with your partner. That’s why warming up together and practicing doubles-specific exercises is so important. It helps you establish open lines of communication and get in tune with each other so you can face your competitors as a united front.

To help you elevate your doubles game, Arun Pant, CA racquet sports assistant general manager, and Anna Pomyatinskaya, CA adult tennis director, shared a variety of drills to get your muscles warm and your minds on the same page. Check ’em out below!


Serve return plus one 


Why It’s Effective: A majority of tennis points are won within the first four shots of the rally. If you can perfect those first four shots in the serve return plus one drill, it will make a world of difference in winning your matches.


Approach shot to volley

Why It’s Effective: The approach shot seems deceptively simple, but that makes it all the more frustrating to miss. This drill is a great way for doubles partners to practice their approach shot and put the second volley away on their partner.


Lob to overhead


Why It’s Effective: Doubles usually involves some overhead play, so this drill is great for practicing moving backwards and sideways with agility on the court and then putting that overhead away. It also helps improve your lobs.


Volley to volley


Why It’s Effective: Start by hitting the ball to your partner. Have them volley the ball in the air and hit it back to you. Volley back and forth as long as you can! This drill is great for improving your volley game and sharpening your reflexes. Together, you and your partner will develop better control and consistency.


Volley to bump

Why It’s Effective: Volley the ball to your partner, and have them bump it back it you. The partner that’s bumping works on keeping a loose wrist and controlling the racquet to send it back to their partner.


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