Tips for Early Preparation

March 8, 2022

According to CA tennis coach Roger London, hitting the ball late is a common challenge for tennis players. A little early preparation goes a long way toward hitting stronger, controlled and strategic shots.

Check out London’s tips below!

Why early preparation matters

First, let’s address the reason this concept is so important. A prepared racquet means that you have more possibilities when it comes to playing a shot. You give yourself time to set up your feet and a smooth, clean swing.

Once you see what side the tennis ball is coming toward, it’s time to get your racquet back. You’ll want to turn your shoulders to generate torque, but that’s not all — London recommends turning your hips too.

“Use your hips! It’s great if you can have your hips and shoulders set by the time the ball bounces,” says London.

Come practice at CA

Ready to elevate your game? CA has 37 available courts across five tennis clubs, open to members and non-members. We also offer programs and classes for tennis players of all ages and experience levels, including adult beginners. Hope to see you on the court sometime soon!

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